King Barry

Obama is a lawless leader, choosing to rule by memorandum, regulation and executive order -- he is not a president; he is a king. 

Any treaty negotiated by a president and his minions must be approved by a two-thirds vote in the Senate. An accord bears no such restraints. The former is a legally binding agreement, whereas the latter is not. Barack Obama knows that any agreement negotiated with Iran, allowing them to continue enriching nuclear fuel for a weapon, will not pass in the Senate. 

An agreement with sunset provisions, allowing Iran after a certain period of time, the option of producing weapons-grade enriched uranium to build as many bombs it desires also doesn’t stand a chance in Congress. 

As a digression, the fact that Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism worldwide and has never honored any agreement it has ever made, makes one wonder if Barry is patently naïve or simply challenged. 

Yet, an accord fits the bill for what Obama wants to accomplish. It may not be legally binding and the next president can easily opt out, but for the remainder of his presidency at least, he can force America to abide by its strictures and claim he solved the “Iran problem.” As far as the next president is concerned, it will already be too late, Iran will have joined the nuclear club and the world will be at the mercy of the mullahs. 

When the Shiite hits the fan, and a nuclear weapon is used on Israel or America, or perhaps Saudi Arabia, he will blame his successor for ruining the peace he bequeathed to the nation and the world.

For Barry, it’s all about recognition. He envies Lincoln for his brilliance, wisdom and wit and the way he transformed the nation. He wants that for himself, but the act of governing is such hard work, beyond his ability and desire. 

Yet, everything he does, freeing the slaves… oh snap, I didn’t mean “slaves,” I meant illegal immigrants, because everyone knows that if Barack Obama had been alive before the Civil War, he would have owned slaves himself -- they would have made everything so much easier to do, and it’s not like they were people or anything. 

In any case, everything he does, whether it is legalizing illegal immigrants, banning bullets, banning coal-fired plants, ignoring the law in so many little and large ways, all that “I am King Barack” stuff, has a masturbatory quality to it. He’s like that kid from that old episode of the Twilight Zone. You know it. The one where all the adults have to do as they are told or he wishes them into the cornfield.

In reality, the next 23 months will be all about him, how he sees himself and his legacy and his need to feel and be acknowledged as “transformational.” Curiously, it is his all-consuming need, and more curious still, he seems not to care one whit about the ramifications. If people have to die, then, it is a small price to pay for a world made over in his own image.

The key is to be around to help write history. It’s worked for him his entire life, why stop now? Barry is just waiting to put his thumb on the scale.

What power does Congress hold to prevent the next two years of presidential lawlessness? Surely, there is impeachment and the power of the purse. Yet these are wan weapons when compared to the power of the press, which has an almost cultlike investment in Barack Obama’s success. Scandal after scandal ignored, whilst constantly preaching everything is truly great, in not only America, but also the world. 

It may be a pretend world, but it is so carefully constructed with media spit and spin, even those who should know better have become convinced. All brought to you by King Barry, and don’t you forget it.

Just look at what our king has done in his first 6 years. Through Michelle’s school lunch program, he has decided what our children eat. Did anyone vote for Michelle? Was she ever elected to anything?  Why does she get to decide school menus? Why is a celery stalk and one peanut (originally it was 2 peanuts and a celery stalk, but she didn’t like the optic), the new school lunch?

Next up is energy. The EPA is now putting the finishing touches on the plan to save the world from global warming by tripling Americans’ electric bills and throttling business by raising the cost of energy. Barry does not like coal and the EPA, ever obsequious to Barry’s wants, wants to shut down all coal-powered electrical generation in America.

Coal-fired plants produce almost 40% of the nation’s electricity, and Barry… er, I meant the EPA, wants to shut them down.  Not to worry, the plan is to replace all that electricity with… well, nothing.  (Fracking? The same crowd has plans for that too.)

The president is planning an executive order banning 5.56mm M855 ammunition (green tips), the round most often used in the AR-15. The AR-15 is a very popular weapon for sportsman, used primarily for target shooting and almost never for hunting. It is rarely used in the commission of crime. But ban the bullets and you ban the gun. There you have it -- Popeil’s pocket gun control and if the public accepts this, then perhaps he will think of a way to ban 9mm ammo.    

You know, “Hands up, don’t make me shoot. This is my last bullet.” 

Most egregious is his impending takeover of the internet. Talk about finding solutions to things that aren’t broken. No one yet knows his plans for the future web -- it’s finished, but it’s secret. There are, however, two things that will be in the soup. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be more fees and more taxes. Render unto Obama what is Obama’s -- and it’s all Obama’s, so shut up and pay.

The FCC wants to control access to internet bandwidth, who gets it, when and how much, as well as pricing, taxes and fees. Did I mention taxes and fees? But what Barry really wants is to control content.  Political articles such as this, most assuredly will not be allowed and I will be sent to a reeducation camp, where life is beautiful all day long.

It’s better this way, as our king burns the world down, it’s best that no one calls attention to it.

We should all just be happy that we live in the time of Barack the Magnificent. A failure to acknowledge the greatness he has brought to this humble nation, or disagreeing with anything he does will result in sanctions and penalties, consequences and repercussions. 

Of course, as always, we will still be free to do as we are told. 

King Barry… he’s generous that way.

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