Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?

The Clintons’ foundation received money from foreign governments while Hillary was secretary of state.  Hillary used her own private e-mail system, and not the official and secure government e-mail system, to conduct government business as secretary of state.  She whines about the problems of paying the mortgage(s) on her house(s) as a way to draw sympathy from the middle class. 

The stupidity and arrogance of Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton must appall Democrats, who find themselves manacled to her.  They have to wonder what else will come out before November 2016.  The simmering scandals are bad enough, but what else may emerge?  Almost everything we eventually learn about the Clintons is smug and ugly. 

The defense of the Clinton scandals follows a predictable path: cheerleaders angrily blame some “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” or they pretend to respond but really ignore the question, or they lie.  (Recall Bill’s angry red face as he tells America that “I did not have sex with that woman” – a blatant, utter deception proven by forensic evidence of the most repulsive nature.)

Bill Clinton has been grandly portrayed by the leftist establishment media as a clever politician, but Democrats must see things differently.  Bill Clinton cost Democrats control of both houses of Congress and of most state governments; he won two presidential elections with less than half of the popular vote; he was impeached; he was disbarred; he was found in contempt of court.    

His imagined legacy of “successes” is based upon (1) adopting Republican congressional plans for welfare reform, (2) exploiting the national horror of the Murrah Bombing for crass political ends to divert attention from the 1994 midterm disaster; (3) defeating a really lame Republican presidential challenger, Bob Dole; and (4) surviving his impeachment trial.  Wow!  What brilliance!  What skill!

Bill Clinton, like Barack Obama, has been nothing more than a sock puppet for the leftist establishment media, the real source of leftist power in America.  When the sock puppet anointed by the left tries to be more than that, when it assumes self-importance, like Al Gore or John Kerry, leftists lose elections.  When the sock puppet plays along, hides ignorance and incompetence, and acts “cool,” then the leftist establishment can laugh over ethical lapses, kid about sex with young interns, and generally ignore everything that shows the sock puppet as he really is.

Is Hillary more like Presidents Clinton and Obama, or is she more like failed candidates Al Gore and John Kerry?  Is there any honest doubt that Hillary is even duller than Gore and even more puffed up than Kerry?  Is there any question in anyone’s mind that if she were not Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, this boorish old woman would not seriously be considered as a candidate for president at all?

There remains only her gender to recommend her to voters.  Is that a winning strategy?  No.  Just consider the 2014 midterm races.  Democrats nominated five women as gubernatorial candidates to run against Republican men – in Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Rhode Island.  The Democrat women beat Republican men in only two of the five races (and, indeed, almost lost all five).  Republican women beat Democrat men in three states – New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.  In each of those three races, the Republican woman was pro-life and conservative.

The same pattern emerged in Senate races in 2014.  Democrats ran women against Republican men in Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.  They won, in a close race, only in New Hampshire.  Republicans ran women against men in Michigan, Oregon, and Iowa, and Republicans lost each race, save Joni Ernst in Iowa.  There were twelve 2014 senate races in which a man faced a woman; the men won ten of those twelve races.    

It gets worse for the pseudo-feminists of the left.  While victorious Republican Joni Ernst in Iowa was pro-life, her losing Democrat opponent Bruce Braley was pro-choice.  When incumbent Senator Udall in Colorado harped so incessantly on reproductive rights that the reliably leftist Denver Post mocked him as “Mark Uterus,” Udall lost.

This sort of angry pseudo-feminism is a vote-loser, not a vote-getter.  The 2014 elections also showed that just about every candidate whom Bill or Hillary Clinton campaigned for lost the election.  Hillary, if she runs, has “Loser” written all over her.  One cranky outburst, one sour look at the wrong time, one more infamous “cackle” like in 2008, and a Hillary candidate could lose by a landslide.  She’s that bad a candidate.

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