Obama Poses an Existential Threat to Western Civilization

We are living through historic times – and perilous times. However, the leaders of the Western world are oblivious to the imminence of the dangers as Islamic fundamentalism takes hold on every continent in the world. While the focus since 9/11 has been on al Qaeda and its spin-off ISIS, the greatest danger to the Western world is Iran -- a country that, with a wink and a nod from the U.S., is on the precipice of becoming a nuclear hegemon. Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of international terrorism, killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening pro-American regimes across the region. Its warships are expanding their movement in regional waters and cruising to Venezuela. Its aggression in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria has succeeded in causing vast regional instability and violence. And Iran does not simply seek regional hegemony –- it seeks global domination as it develops ballistic missiles capable of hitting the U.S.  The Foundation for...(Read Full Article)