Conservatives Blind to Racism, says RedState Seer


Why can’t conservatives see that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything?

That is what Rand Paul and his acolytes at RedState want to know.

Why are Neanderthals like economist John Lott unmoved by a recent Department of Justice report that said white police are picking on black people for No Reason What So Ever? Most recently in Ferguson, where even Bill O’Reilly bought into it.

Rand Paul has been preaching the gospel of racial victimization to anyone who will listen. He even went to Ferguson to let them know too many white cops catching too many black criminals is proof positive of a racist system.

We are “blowing it,” said Leon Wolf at, speaking of conservative chances to break the liberal stronghold on black sympathies. Wolf says it is all because of “societal sickness caused by excessive partisanship that makes us unable to see” the truth of white racism and black victimization.

And that is why conservatives are silent as black people are arrested, convicted, sentenced, and carted off to prison in numbers that are wildly out of proportion to their privileged counterparts who happen to be white or, God forbid, Asian.

Even out of proportion to other black people who are immigrants from Africa.

Black victimization, of course, has been the mantra of the president, attorney general, Little League moms, activists, college professors, congressmen, reporters, and others for the last six years.

In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, the president said we have to start giving black people the “benefit of the doubt.”  And we have to recognize that white racism is a “subconscious” thing that is deep rooted, hard to spot and does a lot of damage.

It’s easy to recognize: Just ignore what you see and pay attention to what you do not.

It would be easier to pick up the Rand Paul/RedState/Obama banner of  relentless black victimization if there were not so many victims, videos, witnesses, police reports and 911 calls to the contrary; exposing their claim as the Greatest Lie of our Generation.

Many documented in that scintillating best-seller: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

And the hits just keep coming.

Over the weekend in Indianapolis, the video of a group of black people stalking, taunting, and beating a white girl and her four-year old brother went viral. Facebook found it so objectionable it declared the video “violated its terms of service,” removed it, and threatened to shut down your humble correspondent’s Facebook page if I ever posted something like that again.

They even removed the comments that said the black on white violence is justified because white people deserve it.

Here’s the offending video. Attack in Indianapolis. Facebook and YouTube often take down other videos of black on white racial violence as well. Maybe that is why the folks at RedState are not aware of them. And how often it happens.

Even so, that was far from the worst case of black mob violence in Indianapolis over the weekend.

That honor goes to the hundreds of black people who created violence and mayhem, destroyed property and fought officers of the law at the downtown Circle Centre Mall. Complete with dozens of police cars, pepper spray, helicopters, frightened diners, and all the other chaos that is now routine in this once bucolic Midwestern city.

Among those arrested for disorderly conduct was the black woman pictured beating the white woman and her four-year old brother earlier in the day in the above video.

“My wife and I were downtown last night for dinner,” said Jerry Minnick at the WTHR news site. “She mentioned how beautiful and peaceful dinner was high above the city in the restaurant. Then reality struck -- you can't image how many f-bombs we heard walking from teenage girls while walking back to our car. There were so many young kids congregating in packs -- very young. Not a parent in sight. It will be quite a while before we go downtown again.”

According to the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis, it ended when “police say they forced teens to a bus stop near Ohio and Meridian Street to get on a bus and get home.”

Rand Paul is not going to like that whole “forced” thing.

No one is even trying to keep count of how many dozens of times over the last three years black mob violence has erupted in that once-gleaming showcase of Midwestern downtown revival. Many of them on video.

Each and every time the reporters pretend they are surprised, refer to the creators of the chaos as “teens”, and dutifully report a few days later that racism in Indianapolis caused the whole thing.

Then everyone gets ready for the next cycle of violence and denial and deceit.

Over in Baltimore, black mob violence was such a regular feature of life at dances at Morgan State University, that officials last year banned those social events. But after much pleading and promising of good behavior, the black school relented and allowed campus groups to try one more time.

And one more time over the weekend, the event was marred by violence, property destruction and fighting with police. So much so that the party was closed an hour early. School officials later put the ban back in place.

At nearby Chesapeake High School, video shows large groups of black people fighting and destroying property a few days before the Morgan State gig. Parents say it happens a lot there.

In Houston, also last week, a large group of black people fought in the cafeteria at Westfield High School. On video. The parents say it happens a lot there. School officials told Channel 2 news they are working on developing “conflict resolution skills” for the students.

There’s that “societal sickness” again.

In Brooklyn last week, the whole world watched as a large group of people attacked a person at a McDonald’s, repeatedly kicking her in the face, even as she was on the ground.  As in many other cases, the victim is refusing to cooperate with police, driving down the black crime stats to artificially low rates that Ron Paul and his ilk do not like to think about.

In Linden, New Jersey, “a large fight, of close to 200 people, had Linden police and other municipalities responding to a local city night club Sunday for a large fight that lead to three arrests and an injured officer.” Three black people were arrested, two charged with rioting.

In Memphis, city officials cleared a city park and shut down a street Sunday afternoon after receiving reports of gunfire and a fight involving a large group of black people.

In Chicago, a group of black people surrounded, taunted and attacked a fellow train rider. All while bragging and laughing. On video. In a town where the mayor’s son is robbed and assaulted outside of his own home, under police guard, no one is surprised at anything that happens on mass transit at night.

Up in Watertown, Connecticut over the weekend, a group of six black people stabbed one person, slashed another with a broken bottle, and assaulted yet another. And oh yeah, that has been happening there for a long time.

In Houston, a rapper held a birthday party for 500 of his closest black friends. Police were surprised when black violence broke out, followed by gunshots. Two were sent to the hospital.

In Norwalk, Connecticut, one black person was arrested after he stabbed someone during a large fight among black people.

In Newport News, Virginia, police broke up a several large fights among groups of black people at a skating rink. Police “requested more units because of the number of teens involved,” said the Daily Press.

In Queens, New York, last week, police released pictures of the five black people wanted in connection with stabbing three people during a large fight at a night club.

In South Carolina last week, a large group of black people fought and destroyed property in the parking lot of the International House of Pancakes. On video. No one was arrested.

In Portland, Oregon over the weekend, a large group of black people rampaging through East Portland fired several shots near the police station -- just one of the many episodes of black mob violence in this town that prides itself on racial tolerance and the absence of racial mayhem.

In Tampa last week, a black person was sentenced to life in prison after stabbing a white person on a bike. The convict said he did it because he was in a bad mood when it happened.

In Miami, also last week, a large group of black people attacked one of their classmates on video. The parents say it happens a lot there. The local CBS affiliate tracked down the Facebook page of one of the assailants:

“Me and my sisters don’t know what a one on one fight is,” she said. “Even if my sister is beating the life out of somebody, I ain’t going to watch. I am going to beat the life out of that person to show that is how we are raised.”

That is about as close as I can get to translating what she really said. Or as Rand Paul, Red State and Obama might translate: ‘We are victims of white racism. Stop us before we do it again.’

Once you learn how to read the “subconscious” mind, this kind of translating is a breeze.

In St. Louis on Sunday, a group of black people in a “large fight” at the zoo caused the facility to close several hours early -- much like large fights among black people over the last two years at zoos in Kansas City and Washington, D.C.

No one was arrested.

Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter and author of the new best seller: Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it. He does not know how to read minds.

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