Celebrating A Nation Without Borders Or Citizenship

The year is 2044 and the former United States is celebrating its new Independence Day.  Two Hispanic residents of the new nation, the Republic of the Americas, are discussing the meaning of the date, November 20

Miguel is 75 years old and he has come to visit his son’s family and celebrate the Republic’s Independence Day.  His great grandson Juan is curious to know how the new nation began, how it became Independent, and how the new Republic was created out of the old.

“Grandpa,” Juan asks, “do you remember how the revolution happened?  Our history teacher says the revolution was necessary to free us from the oppression and racism of the United States.”

“Well,” his great-grandfather answers, “fortunately it was a quiet revolution.  It was meant to be.  Today, November 20 is now celebrated as the new Independence Day because it was when our new Republic broke away from the oppressive laws of the old and we Hispanics took our proper place as the real rulers of this continent.

“What happened on November 20?”  Juan asks.

“That was the day, his grandfather answered, “that El Presidente Obama freed us from the oppressive immigration laws and established a new nation based on the rightful residents of North America, people of our language.  That is the date, as I’m sure your history teachers have told you, when El Presidente Obama announced that residents of the United States would no longer be held in prisons and deported simply because they were not citizens.”

“How did the revolution happen?” Juan asked.

“It was a slow, quiet, non-violent revolution,” Miguel responded.  “It started with the nonviolent civil rights movement of the 1960s, led by a black leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He taught African-Americans, who had been oppressed by racist white citizens, that they were being exploited for their labor and oppressed. In the days of their oppression black residents were also relegated to non-citizen status, and not allowed to vote.” 

“You see at that time,” Miguel explained, “the nation was ruled by an elite class called citizens.  They controlled the government through what they called a vote.  Only citizens could use the vote.  Then, they would vote other citizens into power and the oppressive laws that were the great characteristic of the United States were passed.  But these things were slowly changed by a few great leaders, visionaries, who saw that the vote, based on the concept of citizenship, was nothing but a tool of exploitation and oppression.

“In the Great Hall of Independence in Chicago, we can go today and see the founding documents of our Republic.  A brave visionary in Los Angeles, in the old state of California, declared that no longer would persons be given special status of citizenship, that persons from other nations could go to Los Angeles and receive equal treatment.  That document is called Special Order 40 and was first bravely put forth as one of the founding concepts of our Republic in 1979.  Shortly after that, in 1985, a Mayor of the City of Chicago, the great Harold Washington, issued an Executive Order declaring that all persons are equal, and shall be given equal treatment for employment and city services, regardless of citizenship status.  That great document was written in the City Hall of Chicago, and that is why that City Hall today has been renamed the Hall of Independence.”

“But how did all these changes occur so quietly?  Our history teacher says Europeans fought and killed each other over land and wealth for centuries, and that our ancestors in central and south America were killed and oppressed and their civilization ruined by Europeans.”

“Yes Juan, violence was the way Europeans practiced for centuries, to oppress other people.  But we have grown away from that, and our great leader, El Presidente Obama, proved once and for all that nations can be fundamentally transformed without violence.”

“How was that done?”  Juan asked.

“It was done slowly, clandestinely, without weapons, without bombs, and only through policy changes done by the Party.  Our one Party today used to be called the Democratic Party of what was then the oppressive United States.  But there is no need for more than one Party, when one Party is so enlightened that it knows the true path to freedom.  Democrats believed that the true path to freedom could only be achieved through the elimination of citizenship, since citizenship was the basic idea behind the vote, and behind the oppression of non-citizens.” 

“Democrats, as they were called then, risked their lives to slowly effect the changes that we enjoy today.  They infiltrated the oppressive government of citizens, and at great personal sacrifice endured decades of spiritual and moral humiliation to effect policy changes.  For example, they quietly passed regulations that enabled those who spoke Spanish to be able to function in the oppressive society of citizens.  They put Spanish on product labels, forced the public school system to make it possible for Spanish speaking people to take courses and become educated, and toward the end even were able to have college tuition for non-citizens paid for by citizens.  These things were not without controversy.  But Democrats knew how to make it happen: they appealed to the humanitarian instincts of citizens, and gradually overcame their resistance to social change.” Said Miguel.

“Of course these changes were most forcefully brought to fruition by El Presidente Obama, who bravely, and in the face of great adversity, fought to eliminate the concept of citizenship and that most hated tool of oppression, the vote.  He bravely declared in 2014, after the Party lost control of the Senate, that he would represent those who did not vote, and unfairly kept from voting.  The Party constantly fought those who insisted on voter IDs and other tools of oppression.”  Miguel added.

“Before he did that, El Presidente Obama also transformed the national government.  Since those who were in what was called Congress distributed the money, Obama quietly dismantled that method of oppression and decided to distribute that money himself.  He had the help of a person who ran the Senate called Harold Reid, now celebrated as a founder of the new Republic.  Harry Reid bravely refused to pass any budgets which were written by those put into power by citizens.  This allowed Obama to spend money in more humanitarian ways, and to promote efforts to free non-citizens.  Today few remember what the Congress was.  It’s only important to remember that Congress became a tool of citizens to oppress non-citizens, and that for that reason it had to be eliminated.  El Presidente Obama accomplished that without anyone being hurt.  So not only did our great Founder achieve independence for non-citizens but he did it nonviolently, a great achievement in a nation founded by and dominated by citizens.”   Said Miguel.

“Oh now I understand where the pledge comes from.”  Said Juan.

“What pledge is that?” asked Miguel.

“Every morning in school we place our hands on our hearts, and say “I pledge allegiance to the Republic of the Americas, a nation of equality and freedom without borders and without citizenship.”