Black Mob Violence Spreads as the President Preaches Victimization in Selma

The President celebrated black victimization at his recent speech in Selma, but around the rest of the country, black people were making the successful transition from victim to predator. Within a few days of the President’s Selma speech, black mob violence and black on white crime proceeded apace, much of it on video. None of it acknowledged as racial violence in local media.   Here is a smattering from around the country: At Chuck E. Cheese outside of Cleveland, a large group of black people attending a birthday party said they were unhappy that one of the machines was not working. So they attacked the staff, sending five to the hospital with “serious” injuries, including a teenager girl who was knocked unconscious. Much the way Congressman John Lewis reminded us on Sunday at Selma that he too was knocked unconscious. This is just the latest is a series of recent episodes of black mob violence in Chuck E. Cheese stores around the country,...(Read Full Article)