What a Statesman would do Today

In the long view of history President Obama is not a statesman -- not a strategic thinker and actor -- but a very odd bird who just loves to show the fickle finger to the rest of us. Obama’s presidency is a strange interlude of what Friedrich Nietzsche called ressentiment -- a wave of rage by the self-handicapped victims of life against the rest.

Obama is trying to bring back the radical left, which still suffers from the crash of the Soviet experiment. Now the rad-Left is openly allied to the Muslim Brotherhood -- literally fascist gangsters from the 1930s, when Muslims in the Middle East saw Hitler and Mussolini as heroes. The Moobers were founded in 1928, and their political manifesto goes back to the height of fascism. Obama just loves the Moobers.

Obama’s basic triviality as a human being and politician comes from his failure to understand the difference between civilization and barbarism. Time and time again, Obama can’t understand the most basic needs of daily life: Security rather than anarchy, liberty rather than oppression, basic morality rather than sadistic murders against innocent scapegoats.

Churchill would recognize ISIS in about five seconds. Reagan would, too. But Obama is still trying to pretend all those snuff videos aren’t real. His biggest failure is his massive moral blindness.

So -- what would Churchill do? Or Ronald Reagan? Both of them shaped history. Both of them understood morality and freedom so deeply that they didn’t need to ask their PR staff what to say in public. Both of them had the rocklike integrity to change the world for the better.

What would a statesman do today?

We can learn from what they did before.

  1. Mobilize the world against the new rise of bloody fascism. France (of all nations) has started to tell the truth, the first step in mobilizing opposition. Vive la France!
  2. Invite all nations with a commitment to peace to join a new international defensive alliance, an Alliance of Civilized Nations, to include every country threatened by Islamofascist terrorism. That includes India, Japan, France, Denmark, Eastern Europe. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain are already there. All they need is credible assurances that we are all in this together.
  3. Split potential enemies. That is already happening, with President El Sisi of Egypt taking a courageous stand against the war theology of Islam. (Half of the Koran has peaceful verses, while the other half has the bloodthirsty ones). Jordan’s King Abdullah is hardly a model of good government, but he was smart enough to seize the moment when ISIS publicly burned a Jordanian pilot alive; the traditional Arab response is an “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.” It is the law of the talon (lex talionis), which works against monsters like ISIS. Jordan and Egypt are way ahead of Obama in taking the right actions. Bahrain has just sent jets to Jordan to join in the attacks on ISIS. Only Obama’s “personal friends” in Turkey and Qatar are supporting ISIS.
  4. Stop rationalizing the sadistic killing, torture, slavetaking, and wholesale child abuse of the enemy: Boko Haram, ISIS, Hamas, Iran, the whole gangster of bloody thugs are morally indefensible. The Leftist slogan that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is a vicious insult to genuine freedom fighters. Abraham Lincoln was not a terrorist. Winston Churchill was not either. Your dad or granddad in the U.S. Army in Europe or the Pacific was not a terrorist. They were liberators, and only the most cynical liars would try to confuse the two.
  5. At a basic emotional level, everybody understands we are seeing demonic evil at work. A statesman, man or woman, would appeal to the entire world on that basis. Sarah Palin would do it instinctively. Hillary Clinton couldn’t do it, because she is taking money from the Moobs.
  6. Civilized peoples already occupy the high moral ground against the terror monsters. That includes many, many Muslims who are afraid to speak out, because the Land of Mordor always kills its own dissidents first. If you haven’t lived under a murderous regime, don’t judge those who do. We used to think there were no dissidents in the USSR: then they started to speak out, and after another decade, the Soviet state crumbled. Telling the truth devastates a regime built on lies. 

We are seeing signs of genuine statesmanship emerging in Europe and the Middle East. It is America’s failure to lead that keeps their political elites sitting on the fence. If France can call this a war against Islamist terrorism, so can we. Europe is ready. Countries like Egypt and India are ready.

The world is looking for a leader who can be trusted. Soon, we will see the difference when Netanyahu and Obama can be compared side by side.

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