TIm Cook, Enough Already

TIm Cook is the CEO of Apple. Apple is wildly successful, but we don’t know how much of the credit should go to Cook and how much to the legendary Steve Jobs, who died 3-1/2 years ago. Cook has become a sort of Silicon Valley philosopher, using his platform at Apple to pontificate on this and that. Tim Cook is gay, a point that has been made repeatedly. Apparently he wants to make sure that everyone in the world knows this. My suggestion is that he simply add a caption to his official corporate photo. Then he wouldn’t have to keep promoting his admirable orientation. After all, as we all know, a person’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to his fitness to manage a giant corporation. Maybe Cook doesn’t understand this. One wonders if the upper management at Apple is slightly obsessed with gay. Ron Johnson was a highly placed executive at Apple who took over the JC Penney department stores in 2011. Johnson hired the popular lesbian television personality,...(Read Full Article)