The Mad Hatter's Lament

Ever since I saw a woman bathing in her breakfast cereal, my brain has been crumbling; I find I now live in a world where the president of the greatest, most powerful country the earth has ever known, can sit calmly for an interview with a woman in green lipstick (She’s the same woman in the bathtub -- is this a bad dream?).

The news is filled with news of newsmen lying -- Dan Rather, Jason Blair, Rolling Stone, and now Brian Williams. Can you mistakenly say your helicopter was shot down? Wouldn’t you be pretty clear about that? We all have our Walter Mitty moments, but we don’t broadcast them on national TV as if they’re news. Apparently we’re supposed to believe these people anyway -- them and a White House press secretary with the unbelievable name of Josh Earnest.

Lying, of course, starts with not telling our selves the truth. I just watched a documentary about the dating of the Exodus. The experts were both irrational and dogmatic in stating that:

  • The Exodus had to have happened around 1250 B.C., but that
  • There’s no evidence that it happened at that time, therefore, it didn’t happen at all -- despite increasing, impressive evidence for the Exodus happening c1440 B.C. (Not B.C.E. – that new designation is just silly -- we’re still counting from the birth of Christ.)

Then this week the supporters of the “religion of peace” doused a man in a cage with gasoline and burned him alive. They’ve also been crucifying children, selling sex slaves, throwing gays off of rooftops, stoning women, and burying kids alive. And our president (the one of the green lipstick interview) responds by pointing out how bad the Crusades were. Evidently he doesn’t know that the Crusades were started to fend off, guess who? The supporters of his beloved “religion of peace.”

The NSA is spying on everyone, but no one knows where the next terrorist is going to strike and the president gets his information from the evening news -- no doubt from Brian Williams, the anchor who lied about being in a helicopter crash.

I keep hearing that the earth’s temperature is rising -- hottest year on record, but that’s the same year that sported 2,000 record lows in America alone. What did I miss? The polar ice packs are the largest ever. It snowed in Hawaii this winter. In short, we’re ready to destroy a huge economy and send the whole world spinning out into the darkness just because of a half-dozen computer models that were built with questionable data and government grants.  

I can’t see how it’s connected, but people seem real confused about gender these days. “…[M]ale and female created he them,” (Genesis 1:27) doesn’t cut it anymore. Boys can choose to be girls and have access to the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, whether the girls are comfortable with that or not. Surgeons claim to be able to work sex-change miracles, and taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill. No one seems at all curious about exactly how effective this surgery is. Even if it actually turns a man into a woman, Facebook now lists 51 different genders to choose from. Will surgeons be able to keep up?

I mean, if Henry is born a male, but thinks he’s female, and if Susan is born female but wants to be male, can they team up and trade parts? If Susan is then attracted to women is she now straight because she has Henry’s equipment? What if it’s Henrietta she’s attracted to? What if Henry had been married to a gay man, and then changed gender, does that dissolve the marriage? It’s all so confusing. And if all I ever did was watch TV, I’d have the idea that a third of the population is gay.

While I’m at it, I should bring up the fact that pedophilia seems to be trending amongst both Hollywood and government elites and gay marriage is now acceptable to 44% of the population. The new AIDS vaccine has continued to fail,* but folks aren’t talking about that.

People are talking about the 3-parent baby options. While this is designed to help parents with genetic problems, I can see it already slipping out of its cage. We currently have inbreeding problems with IVF (some 60,000 IVF babies have been born here.) and anonymous sperm donors -- how can a girl know whether or not she’s fallen in love with her half-brother? Or would that be her 1/3-brother?

On a different note, I hear we’ve recovered from the awful recession of 2008, but the number of full-time jobs is the lowest it’s ever been and the number of people on welfare and disability is the highest ever. I’m sure I didn’t just dream that. And health insurance is now cheaper -- oh. Right. It’s much more expensive -- but the government is going to continue saying it’s cheaper and that seems OK with folks.

But we just spent two weeks fussing about footballs like too little air meant the downfall of society. It seems, however, that a lot of people don’t mind if the president commits impeachable offenses and attacks the integrity of our constitution. That’s OK; just don’t mess with the footballs. 

Football makes me think of school -- our schools, having failed at leaving no child behind, are evidently deciding to just leave them all behind -- to frustrate all good teachers out of the profession and cover their own rears with lots of bother about testing, and an increase in the amount of time spent teaching the joys of Islam, the “religion of peace.”

Speaking of knowledge, every time I see one of those man-on-the-street interviews I’m left with my mouth hanging open. Our college students think Che Guevara freed the slaves in 1776 just shortly after Columbus killed all the Indians who taught the pilgrims to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. The students no longer believe in God, but they celebrate the holiday anyway, wolfing down tofurkey and pumpkins. (For this education they shell out $50,000 a year.)

Speaking of pumpkins, a teacher I know was recently accosted by an angry parent who flipped inside out because her son had just learned that The Great Pumpkin wasn’t real -- apparently the worship of TGP was an important religion in their household -- who would have thought?

Meanwhile the rainbow has been shanghaied by the LBGT community to ornament the Gay Pride parades, where people prance about in their birthday suits or in leotards festooned with feathers and sequins -- Noah and Sodom-Gomorrah be damned. People are flocking to the theaters to see Fifty Shades of Sex while their children go to school-sponsored sex conferences where they learn about the wonders of electronic vibrators and mutual masturbation.

My head just spins -- I keep expecting the Red Queen to come whirling into the room swinging her flamingo. (That wouldn’t be any weirder than what’s on the news -- not that we can believe what’s on the news.) I’m afraid I’ve become the Mad Hatter.

So what to do? Pray, because only God can straighten this out. Talk as much sense as we can. Write truth. Learn -- “Study to show [our] selves approved unto God, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”(2Timothy 2:15). Practice kindness -- not random acts thereof, but constant, consistent kindness. Vote wisely with the safety and prosperity of the whole country close to our hearts.

We are Americans; we don’t have to live in a nuthouse, but if we don’t do something soon, we’ll be stuck in one.