Psychopathology of a Blonde Joke

How many blondes does it take to “spokesmodel” Obama’s and Kerry’s psychopathic reverse victimology that provides cover for bloodthirsty fiends committing atrocities against innocent civilians? How many flaxen chicks does the State Department need to regurgitate a horrifying indifference to human suffering while expostulating sympathy for Islamic monsters?

Just one – if she’s Marie Harf. It is not only that Harf seems to have graduated from the Glozell School of International Studies and believes the American taxpayer can provide voc rehab for a billion Islamic youths. It is her parrotlike incapacity to name the dropouts from the human race -- the ideological death cultist Islamic sadist-murderers. She will not distinguish them from any other “kids” with AK-47s. Worst of all, she deadpans the State Department’s comprehensive lack of compassion for the victims of today’s holocaust.

The question, “Does Barack Obama love America?” obfuscates the real psychological problem of the 44th President. He not only evidences a lack of love for America, he lacks empathy for his fellow human beings. Obama may not be not a psychopath in his personal life, but he is a diagnosable political psychopath. He was undoubtedly disadvantaged by rejection and abandonment by his unstable, rebellious mother, his alcoholic Marxist father, and the mentoring of the creepy porn pioneer communist Frank Marshall Davis. His faithlessness to America was nurtured by these three central figures of his youth who despised this nation. But it was not only his upbringing in the atmosphere of antagonist politics, smugness and disloyalty which contributed to the psychopathic tendencies of his worldview. The choices he makes as an adult crystallize his generalized psychological defenses of detachment and lack of empathy.

Picture the black-clad jihadi, evil seeping out of the slits in his head covering, dragging a knife across the throat of a defenseless victim. If you look beyond the externals, that figure is psychologically equivalent to Bill Ayers. Whether it is the Nazi throwing a Jewish child into a pit while his mother is forced to watch, the filthy Ayers plotting to blow up a police station, or today’s extreme Islamist evil, the mindset is the same, and it has nothing to do with economic opportunity. Terrorists are dead-eyed conformists, addicted to the power to torture and kill, defying hell by constructing it on earth, and deluding themselves about some puerile ideology or other. Ayers openly brags that he invented Barack Obama. Ayers got the chance to change the course of world history because Obama was attracted to terrorists, and still is. Consciously or unconsciously, Ayers and the throat-slitting Islamist, are surrogate rage enactors, counterfeit heroes for a man without his own religion, race, or country.

Research into psychopathy identifies meanness as one of the definitive characteristics of the psychopath. It is an unusual case of plain-speaking in psychiatry and psychology. Meanness involves a lack of empathy for victims and lack of close attachment to others. It is also a projection of reversed victimology in which a psychopath persistently feels victimized no matter how much pain he or she inflicts on others -- the “You made me hurt you.” dynamic. This reversal is played out across the Obama administration, for example in the recent Violent Extremism summit, which promoted the idea that Islamists are the victims, and not the primary source of violent extremism in the world today.

Clinical meanness explains why Obama was able to laughingly jump into a golf cart minutes after his detached droning about the beheading of James Foley.

Psychopathic psychology often includes a flair for the dramatic, the twisted trophy or tribute that further demoralizes a victim. This behavior occurred when the infamous Vietnam turncoat John Kerry staged his “You’ve Got a Friend” concert with James Taylor in Paris. This was not merely quirky. It was a mockery of the terrorized and grieving.

There is a permanent debate in psychiatry as to whether psychopathy is a psychosis. Marie Harf’s recent remarks exemplify why it’s darned hard to tell. They typify verbalization which sounds superficially sane, but after the listener stops scratching their head, the statements come into focus as impaired reality testing. Specifically referring to ISIS terrorists she said, “We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”

In a subsequent CNN interview, she doubled down on those ideas, adding the insufferable flourish that her notions may be “too nuanced” for some to understand. Again referring to ISIS warriors she said the US should, “…work with other countries to help improve their governance… help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for their people.” Harf is not intelligent enough to calculate the economic impact of town squares heaped with body parts, streets running with blood, or thousands of people fleeing for their lives on the road to prosperity. Again referring to ISIS, Marie strategizes that we should not try to kill them all. Maybe at her next briefing she will inform the Pentagon what would be a good percentage of ISIS to kill before the terrorists’ unemployment checks kick in.

Having the State Department fronted by a 30-something with more hair than wit serves many purposes of the current administration. It trivializes and sidelines the military. It promotes the view that there is no problem on earth that can’t be solved by a social welfare program. Ultimately, it serves the larger purpose of building a population too stupid and drug-affected to maintain a constitutional republic.

How many blondes does it take to leave our borders wide open to terrorists, to neutralize all national defense, and to shred the Constitution? The government will hire as many as it takes. 

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