Obama defends Islam at all cost

How President Obama responds to events around him appears to be dictated by a highly specific set of rules, all of which fall under the broad umbrella of disdain for America. In this way, every word he speaks (and those he refuses to say) and every action he takes (as well as those he avoids) unfolds in a predictable, if not also menacing manner. Demonize the wealthy. (Unless the wealthy person is a Democratic Party supporter.) Blame white people and the United States for bad things that have happened, are happening, and may happen to black people. (Unless a black person is the victim of jihad, in which case Obama will not use the event to stoke racial hatred. Protecting Islam trumps the chip on his shoulder regarding black victimhood.) Defend Islam while never defending any other religion. Toward that end, denigration of Christians and/or Jews is permitted. It seems like a long time ago that Colleen Hufford was the victim of a savage jihadist attack when a devout...(Read Full Article)