Liable for Terror: PLO/PA

We have previously claimed that the so-called Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the inventors of airline hijacking for terror purposes, had merely subcontracted their murderous work in 1989 when they morphed into the so-called Palestinian Authority (PA).

Now, a federal court in Manhattan agrees. The PLO/PA were found “liable” for triple damages for harms to families and survivors of terrorist attacks in Israel (2002-2006). Triple damages of $655.5 million were assessed. Of course, in the case of the PA, if the families of the American victims ever see this money, they will only be receiving back funds that they and tens of millions of us have paid out to PLO/PA over the past twenty-five years.

The New York Times reported this week that Robert Coulter, Sr., father of one of the victims had testified in open court against the PLO/PA. “It was a terrible thing to see, the 78-year-old said. His 36-year old daughter had been in Israel on a business trip. “They brought the body bag out on the TV station, right on it, and went right down to where she was laying and I knew it was a girl, had blond hair. Oh, my goodness, that’s Janis!”

Buried deep in the Times’ report (p. A17, second column, near the bottom) is this incredibly poignant story:

Karen Goldberg of Brooklyn testified about how her husband Scotty’s death on a bus in Israel had affected their family. The Goldberg children had all suffered from depression and anger issues, had trouble in school. The youngest child, a little boy, was only two when his father was murdered. He didn’t speak until he was three. But then, he stunned his mother by walking into the family kitchen and asking: “Did someone kill my father?” Those were the little boy’s first words!

With the threats now emanating from Somalia and Al Shabbab against the Mall of America, with the attacks we have seen at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon, it makes no sense for the Obama administration to stubbornly refuse to identify the source of this terror. That is why we have termed this an Islamisant administration.

Even worse, however, is the fact that the Obama administration continues to fund the PLO/PA. Our tax dollars are helping to support an organization that has been intimately connected with terrorism since its founding in 1964. Despite “The Handshake” on the South Lawn of the White House, Yasser Arafat’s successors in the PA have never ceased to incite terror attacks against the Jews in Israel and elsewhere. Children are encouraged to dress up as suicide bombers at schools operated by the PLO/PA. And not a few youngsters have actually engaged in suicide bombing.

They don’t just hate Jews. All Americans are hated by backers of the PLO and Hamas. When the Twin Towers collapsed in flames on 9/11, they fired off their guns in jubilation. They danced in the streets and gave candy to their children. And we pay for that candy!

The Manhattan verdict in federal district court makes plain the civil responsibility of the PLO/PA for this murderous conduct. It is long past time for the U.S. to cease subsidizing this unreformed terror outfit. It is bad enough that the European Union lavishly funds them. And bad enough that the UN continues to criticize Israel’s every attempt to defend herself while turning a blind eye to terrorist rocket attacks. The Obama administration should not be giving aid and comfort to organizations that have now been found liable in a civil trial for the heartbreak their words and their actions have abetted.

Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison are senior fellows at the Family Research Council, in Washington, D.C.