Let the Man Speak on Behalf of his People, Mr. President

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘would I have helped a Jewish friend or neighbor in Nazi Europe?’  Would I have tried to rouse my fellow citizens in America, when isolationism was the rage?  Would I have even noticed there was a call of conscience?  Would I have told myself to ignore what was happening around me, until my world was in ruins?

I have no illusions of possessing extraordinary courage.   Luckily, as Americans, we do not live under a terror regime.  We can inform ourselves easily on the advance of radical Islam.  We can speak out.  We can exercise our individual conscience.   We can listen to the still, small voice that determines our own moral worth. 

We are living at what Churchill called “a hinge of fate.”  Iran is poised to develop nuclear weapons.   The Iranians speak of genocide against the Jews and worldwide conquest as fondly as Hitler did.  In America, we are all players in this drama.  

The entire lesson from the 20th century is to prevent calamitous developments before it is too late.   We have had national unanimity on this point.  For thirty-five years there has been bi-partisan recognition that Iran is a terror state, dangerous to Israel, the Saudis, Europe, America.   Iran has become more dangerous, not less.  Iran has also become weaker economically.  The Saudi oil price war gives us a real chance that economic sanctions could bring the mullahs down. Except that Obama lifted the sanctions and no longer wants the regime brought down. 

None of us has a part so small it cannot be turned into a speaking part.  There is no price if we confront our own President and his party.  No one will turn us in if we dare speak our consciences.  So why are our Democrat friends and neighbors silent and loyal as Obama turns them 180 degrees from the direction they always faced before, standing up to Iran and showing support and respect for our ally, Israel?  Why are they willing to follow him wherever he goes, even to a nuclear Iran, even to orchestrating a partisan onslaught against Israel’s Prime Minister? 

John Kraushaar writes:

As a presidential candidate, President Obama expressed his desire to "change the trajectory of America"… rebuking the legacy of Bill Clinton's pragmatic presidency in the process. Now that his own presidency is winding down, Obama is finding that his main legacy is only half-achieved. He has indeed transformed the Democratic party to his liking, but failed to get anyone else to follow suit.  At the same time, there's no doubt he's successfully pushed Democrats to adopt his favored policies with minimal dissent…Obama knows that.

. … Challenging Israel was one of the president's top second term priorities, according to Axelrod. The worsening relationship between this administration and Israel was as much the president's preconceived plan as the result of a protocol breach.

This is the moment of critical importance to prevent Iran from going nuclear.  Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, for decades Americans have been united on this common sense, prudent course of action.  Until now. 

President Obama never went before the American people and honestly explained to us that he has a different idea.  Still, it doesn’t take much time on the internet to look up the details of Obama’s new approach to Iran.  What is important is the bottom line:  the final deal he is working on does not include Iran destroying their nuclear weapons capability. 

During the 1930’s, the Jews had no voice.  They had no country and no leader who could speak out on the danger of rising Nazism.  They had no one to take up arms and defend them.  Six million were tortured and died with no one to speak on their behalf.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu has been invited by Congress to come and speak to them, to America and to the world about the danger of letting Iran keep their nuclear weapons program.  Congress has invited the Prime Minister before, in the same way, informing but not waiting for permission from the White House, as none is required. 

Bibi is eager to make Israel’s case, and most of us are eager to hear him.  He will come.  He will argue for his people far better than any American can, and we need to hear what he has to say.

Obama wants to shut the Israeli Prime Minister up.  And so Obama orchestrated an insult out of thin air, pretending there was disrespect to the White House in the way the invitation was issued and accepted.  His ploy worked because the liberal media as usual repeated the White House talking points and his party fell in line. 

Stunningly, over a dozen Democratic Congressmen and our Vice President will be boycotting the Israeli Prime Minister when he talks to Congress.  Obama has produced a real insult, never before instigated against any visiting head of state.

It goes deeper than that.  Obama has a coherent strategy.  He is working on a new role for America in the Middle East.  He wants us to be more distant from Israel and in a working alliance with Iran.  He believes he can work pragmatically with even a nuclear Iran, if that is the price for their (imagined) cooperation.

For his vision of a new Middle East to work, the President needs to turn Democrats against Israel.  Before the last election, Obama talked openly to his staff about his intentions to go after Israel.  He intended to enjoy it as a Bulworth moment, according to his top advisor David Axelrod.   

As the leader of his party, the President is succeeding beyond his own wildest dreams.  It seems inconceivable that ordinary Democrats would silently go along with facilitating a nuclear Iran, but they are.  They will not question this President.

Democrats are being weighed in the balance and found wanting.   

Congress is the only institution capable of stopping a nuclear Iran.  It is a good sign they have invited Bibi to address them.  They know Bibi will talk about long range missiles and dirty bombs.    He will talk about standing up to evil.  He will talk about dangerous delusions that there easier paths – the ones that lead to world wars in the end.  He will talk about the folly of thinking Islamic terrorism will be satisfied with attacking Middle East targets.  He will appeal to our better selves, our smarter selves, our braver selves.

Have the decency to let him appeal to your conscience, even if you have no intention of listening, Mr. President.

Let the man make his case. 

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