Leftists Demand: Shut Up, Submit or Suffer the Consequences!

Well folks, here I go again putting myself out there at risk of the Left dragging my Christian black conservative derriere into the public square and flogging me within an inch of my political life.

But I just cannot seem to let it go. It sticks in my craw that Leftists get away with portraying themselves as victims of traditional America, while in reality, they are the relentless vicious aggressors forcing their socialist/progressive agenda down our throats; bullying people into submission and silence.

Remember the Left's shock and awe campaign to destroy Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty for daring to quote the Bible regarding one of their sacred-cow issues? Their attack on Robertson sent a chilling message to the rest of us.

Determined to make everyone bend their knee to their gods, the Left dug up statements the Benham brothers made years ago quoting the Bible's take on an issue, resulting in the canceling of the brother's show on HGTV. The Left demands full embrace of their non-biblical dictates or be prepared to lose everything. The Benham brothers' response to losing their TV show was “So be it” They said, God calls the church to be salt and light. Praise God!

Many Americans are feeling the heat of this new intense level of political correctness, their freedom of speech held hostage by the Left. The same people who have been claiming that all they seek is tolerance are extremely intolerant of us quoting scripture or even us uttering biological facts.

For example: I watched a true crime program in which the murdered victim was a man who passed himself off as a woman. Clearly, the program producers instructed everyone (detectives, witnesses and so on) to refer to the victim as a “transgender female” rather than a man. Despite the biological fact that the victim was a “he”, everyone was ordered to ignore this fact and refer to him as “she.”

Before I continue, allow me to state the following disclaimer lest some leftist purposely distorts my point and claim that I condone violence against those involved in non-biblical sexual relationships. I do not. God is love. He requires Christians to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Oh no, I think I just stepped in it again. I do not call it sin, the Bible does. Please direct your anger at the Bible rather than me.

Think about that folks. In America, we are no longer allowed to quote the Bible without suffering a high-tech lynching in the media, getting fired or forced into reprogramming (sensitivity training).

Obama and other Leftists walk on eggshells extremely careful not to say anything that would offend Muslims. And yet, Obama and Leftists are relentless in their efforts to silence Christians and force their non-biblical agenda down their throats. Let us not forget the Obama Administration attacking a 100-year-old order of Catholic nuns for not submitting to the Left's dictates; in essence, bending their knees to the Left's god.

Most people do not realize that the Left has become extremely aggressive, punishing those who dare to not submit to its way of thinking. For example: the Left has declared that Michael Brown was murdered by Officer Darren Wilson. A riot broke out in a meeting at St. Louis city hall because a white guy dared to wear a bracelet which read, “I am Darren Wilson”. Leftists want everyone to know that anyone caught disagreeing with their narrative is in for a serious butt kicking.

I have witnessed the silencing of white America first hand when I picked up a breakfast sandwich for my wife in a fast-food restaurant. A group of about a dozen seniors was having breakfast, discussing politics and Obama. They went silent accept for one woman. When she realized that her friends saw me, a black man, she went silent as well. Whites have told me that longtime relationships with black coworkers, church members, family and friends have soured because they said something criticizing Obama or opposing his agenda.

Speaking out against Obama could get you killed. A black woman beat her white female friend to death with a slow cooker over presidential politics.

With Obama in their corner, the Left feels emboldened to kick us around; silence speech and beat us into submission to their agenda. Obama is a former political street fighter and tough community organizer; well schooled in intimidating and silencing opposition. This explains the unprecedented mob boss tone he spews from the White House, “Get in their face.” and “We're gonna punish our enemies.”

Over the past almost seven years, numerous examples of Obama and company silencing, punishing and bullying Americans into submission have been chronicled. Obama's ACORN thugs brutally beat a black conservative, sending him to the emergency room for selling “Don't Tread on Me” flags. Obama uses governmental agencies which include the IRS to intimidate, silence and punish the Tea Party.

Mostly recently attacked and punished for not having his head on straight according to the Left's dictates is world renowned retired neurosurgeon and black conservative Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson believes he was audited by the IRS for comments he made critical of ObamaCare which went viral. Furthering their attack, a Leftist group has put Dr. Carson on its “Extremist Watch” list for not embracing its non-biblical agenda.

One of my brothers is a recent convert to Christianity, excited about his new relationship with Christ. During a phone chat, he said he will not be intimidated into embracing the Left's non-biblical spin on any issue regardless of the consequences. I found his faith and commitment thrilling and refreshing.

Never before have Americans been so fearful of speaking their minds. Leftists and the Obama Administration have sent us their message loud and clear. Shut up. Submit to our dictates or suffer the consequences. Will my fellow Christians be salt and light?

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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