Forget The Terrorists: Malls Already Under Attack from Black Mob Violence

Forget ISIS and its threat to terrorize American malls. Dozens of shopping areas are already under attack.

Since the Christmas season, at least 25 malls around the country have experienced black mob violence, many connected to movie theaters. With much of the mayhem captured on video.  With many of the malls turning into No Go Zones because of the regular racial violence and the muted response to it.

Let’s list these attacks, starting with the latest and working back. Follow along on the video, if you like. The first three are from Valentine’s Day:

At Pittsfield Township, near Ann Arbor, more than 100 black people attacked patrons and police and destroyed property, first at a movie theater, then an arcade, then a restaurant. Two were arrested.

At Ocoee, Florida, near Orlando, 800 to 1000 black people tried to rush into a theater without paying, then created violence in the lobby and the parking lot, where they defied police, destroyed property and assaulted others.

At Conyers, Georgia, 300 black people rioted at a mall movie theater, yelling, screaming, threatening to kill moviegoers. One was arrested. An “irate and hostile” crowd threatened police after one was arrested for drugs and weapons violations. The local media reported theaters are the site of frequent black mob violence because “often, the teens have nowhere else to go,” said the Newton Citizen.

On February 11, seven black people were arrested after a “large brawl” at the Galleria Mall in the suburban Buffalo community of Cheektowaga. Video shows a woman picking up a metal display and repeatedly hitting a person over his head as he lies on the gound. A woman holding a baby was also involved in the melee.

On February 10 at the Crossgates Mall in Albany, New York, a group of 10-20 black people rampaged through the shopping center, fighting and destroying property. On video.

On February 9, police wanted to send a signal to the large black crowds that ran “wild and unsupervised” in the Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis: They are not going to take it anymore. After 400 black people ran amok, 20 were banned from the mall, and five were arrested.

That did not make the black people happy: “Bra, don’t come near me or I swear I am going to go off,” said one “teenager” to a policeman, reported Fox 59 News. “If you touch my phone, or you are going to get hurt. And Bra, if you did not have a badge, it would be on.”

In Salisbury, Maryland on February 7, the first sentence tells part of the story: “Another weekend night, another fight at the Centre at Salisbury mall,” said “In the case of Saturday night, there were two separate disturbances, according to the Salisbury Police Department. Neither qualified as a "large fight" like the one two weeks earlier.”

The second part of the story is this: Everyone involved in creating the violence was black. So say local police, local witnesses and some local residents who said ‘yes, everyone was black but it does not matter.’

On February 7, groups of black people rampaged through the Fashion Fair Mall, one of the nicer retail destinations in Fresno. “It was very violent and has really created a sensation,” said the ABC affiliate. What it did not create was any arrests.

On January 3, police responded to large fights and gunshots reported outside of the movie theaters at Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis. The mall and movie theater were evacuated soon after.

On January 3, “Toledo police records show that at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, officers tried to move a crowd of “100+ people” who were loitering in the mall after a movie had ended,” said the Toledo Blade. Four people in the “large disorderly crowd” were arrested.

On January 2 at the Valley View Cinemark in a suburb of Cleveland, a massive disturbance forced managers to stop the showing of ‘The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death’300’ and ask everyone to leave. Soon after, “some of the juveniles were climbing over the food service counters in the theater lobby; theater security and management threw them out and locked the doors,” said the local Fox affiliate.

But the party was just beginning: “Once the juveniles were outside, police said numerous fights broke out in the parking lot and near two restaurants -- Oak Barrel and Quaker Steak & Lube -- right near the theater. According to Chief March, the “fights were very widespread (with) a lot of pushing, shoving, screaming and shouting.”

Police told restaurants to lock their doors to keep the horde of hundreds of black people out. For the neighboring Oak Barrel restaurant, it was already too late. “They came into the restaurant itself and a lot of customers were kind of scared,” one restaurant employee told Fox 8 news in Cleveland. “They were threatening employees, they were threatening me and some customers.”

Later, five people would be arrested.

In Beachwood, Ohio on December 27, local news showed a video account of a large fight involving black people in a shoe store at a local mall.

At the Orpy Mills Mall on December 27 in Nashville, 150 black people were involved in a “large disturbance.” Nobody was arrested and the mall manager said the videos and eyewitness accounts of a large fight were “false.” The mall closed early anyway.

In Meriden, Connecticut on December 27, four people were arrested after a large brawl. Police used pepper spray to disperse the crowd at the shopping center.

On December 27, Chicago Ridge Mall closed early after “crowds of teens began fighting.” Police from five neighboring towns responded to the violence, screaming, chaos and panic, said the Chicago Tribune. No one was arrested.

In Davenport, Iowa -- yes, Iowa -- two days after Christmas, 10 police were called to the NorthPark mall to break up a group of black people engaged in a “large fight.” Three were arrested for rioting and assaulting a police officer.

On December 26, a large fight took place at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento. The “large brawl” lasted for several hours before security had to close the mall, said Brian Heap at KCRA news. Three “teens” were arrested.

Also on December 26, at the Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis, “a large group of teenagers were creating a disturbance inside the mall and officers asked for crowd control assistance.” Security locked down at least one store and refused to let anyone leave.

Joey Wilburn said similar large fights have been reported at other Memphis Malls including The Southgate, Raleigh Springs, Hickory Ridge, Overton Square, Oak Court, Raleigh Mall and the Mall of Memphis, also known as “murder mall.” Many of which are struggling to find tenants and shoppers.

On December 26, “police from departments around the Kansas City area were dispatched Friday evening to Independence Center after a large group of youths gathered at the mall movie theater and a disturbance was reported.”

The video tells a different story: Lots of black people were getting very violent.

Police were instructed to “disperse the crowds but not to make any arrests unless necessary,” said the Kansas City Star.

Ashley Jones of Independence had just finished eating with friends at Applebee’s when they walked out about 8:20 p.m. and saw multiple police cars. One officer opened his trunk to retrieve a large gun, Jones said.

"We said, ‘Is it that bad?’ And he said, ‘Better safe than sorry,’” Jones said.

Then they saw a second officer getting a gun from his trunk. That officer told them a riot had broken out.

“We heard screaming and yelling, and we took off running,” Jones said. “It was very scary.”

No arrests were necessary.                                               

In the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville, “police estimate 1000 teenagers crowded inside Monroeville Mall the day after Christmas,” said WTAE news. “And some of them got into brawls. All the stores shut down early.”

News anchors at the TV station were incredulous at the “chaos” as they showed viewers one video after another of large-scale black mob violence breaking out all over the mall. Several commenters at the station’s web site said it was not fair to point out that all the rioters were black because white people do it too. The mall closed early. No one was arrested. No one posted videos of white rioters.

On December 26, at the Walden Galleria near Buffalo, ten Cheektowaga police officers responded to a fight and six of the brawlers were arrested. On Christmas night, too, fights were reported near the Regal Walden Galleria Stadium 16, a police spokesman said.

Two licensed clinical social workers from Child & Adolescent Treatment Services in Cheektowaga blamed the violence on holiday stress. And oh yeah, that’s been happening there a long time. In 2011, the Cheektowaga Bee said:

“Going to the movies has become a popular activity on Christmas Day during the past few years, and violence tends to accompany it. Fights have broken out at cinemas in Western New York and around the country, which has spurred the police to take a more active role in preventing any tomfoolery.”

“Cheektowaga police will swarm the Regal Cinema inside the Walden Galleria.”

At least one reader did not like it that several others reported everyone involved in the Christmas 2014 violence was black: “The hateful, ignorant racist nonsense spewed here is disturbing, no wonder so many black people distrust whites.”

On December 26 in Chicago, the local Fox affiliate reported that a “Pregnant female was hospitalized, and 5 arrested after a 'large' fight at the Navy Pier during the annual Winter Wonderfest.”

Police, victims and witnesses were out in force at the Second City Cop Blog to talk about the mayhem at this popular annual gathering. Said one: “It wasn't a disturbance, it was a battery in progress. It wasn't 50, it was more like 1000. There was also a report of a man with a gun and shots fired, although never verified. Not to mention a call for teens smoking weed in the Imax theater. I'm sick of these damn Amish and Canadians kids ruining our city.”

Just for the record, we cannot confirm the presence of large numbers of Amish people creating havoc and violence at Chicago’s most popular tourist destination. But there were lots of black people doing that in front of lots of witnesses.

On December 17 in a Coral Springs, Florida commercial district, 13 black people started a “massive brawl” after they objected to the service, food, drinks, and amount of the bill after eating at a local brew pub. “The violence was caught on 911 calls made by terrified employees,” said the local Fox affiliate.

Several employees were assaulted with one taken to the hospital where he received 13 stitches. The restaurant also reported several thousand dollars in property damage to fixtures and Christmas decorations, which the alleged offenders were allegedly throwing around.

Four were arrested.

In Syracuse, police are looking for “teenagers” who were robbing and attacking people as they walk to their vehicles in the evening in downtown, said the Post-Standard of the holiday season attacks. “Police said three to eight African American teens asked people walking alone Tuesday and Thursday for change or cigarettes and threatened or attacked persons who didn't give the teens their belongings.”

This does not count large-scale black mob violence in lots of other places including schools, streets, an American Legion Hall, nightclubs, house parties, supermarkets, bus stops, downtowns, restaurants, Metro stations, Upper West Side neighborhoods, black history month celebrations and holiday events remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the upcoming book, ‘Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry:’ The Hoax of Black Victimization and Those Who Enable it.