Da Noive! Maureen Dowd Swiftboats Brian Williams

If the Iraqis never really took a shot at NBC anchor Brian Williams, the New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning pundit Maureen Dowd most surely did, and there was nothing friendly about the fire. What made Williams vulnerable was his status as one of the many “pretty white male clones” in television newsrooms. A diversity champion, Dowd appears to have used her attack on Williams’s “pathological” tales of derring-do as a way to subvert the broadcast media’s white male hegemony. To be sure, Williams deserves just about all the abuse he has had heaped upon him, but Dowd is the last person who should be doing the heaping. Come journalism Judgment Day when their respective sins are weighed and measured, Williams will find himself in or about the Third Circle of Hell along with the other blowhards and self-aggrandizers. Unless she repents, Dowd seems destined to bed down with the slanderers, liars, hypocrites, and plagiarists in journalist...(Read Full Article)