Barack Obama has identified the enemy, and it is us

Barack Obama won’t name the enemy. At least not in so many words. Because the enemy is us. Giuliani was too polite when he said Obama does not love America. I’ll take it a step further: Obama hates America. And that hatred is starting to consolidate itself and express itself in increasingly threatening ways. Most recently, two different departments in the administration released images and statements that signify an overt attempt to manipulate how Americans perceive their neighbors and their communities. The Department of Homeland Security created a map of the United States called “Sovereign Citizen Extremist Violence 2010 – 2014.” In classic “Look! Squirrel!” fashion, the map identifies two dozen “right-wing” terror hot spots. CNN’s coverage of the story begins (italics are mine): They’re carrying out sporadic terror attacks on police, have threatened attacks on government buildings and reject...(Read Full Article)