After Rotherham

Why are nearly all European and American Leftists/socialists/”progressives” (as well as most feminists) utterly silent on Islamic misogyny and rape?

The answer to that is brutally simple.

It's simply because most Muslims have brown and black skin. Thus the Left's racist and theory-driven anti-racism trumps both feminism and justice itself.

All this explains what happened in the UK town of Rotherham.

Rotherham is a town in the north of England in which hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of young girls were not only the victims of Muslim sexual-grooming gangs; but also victims of Rotherham's “anti-racism policies”. (See this article for details on the Rotherham case: 'Muslim sex gangs and the young victims of Rotherham Council's anti-racism policies'.)

Leftist anti-racism (or the anti-racism policies and actions of councilors, the police, social workers, politicians, etc.) trumped the abuse of hundreds of white girls and even erased any prior commitment to feminist principles.

You see, in the Left's “hierarchies of oppression”, racism is the worst sin. Yet Leftists themselves were profoundly racist for allowing all this to happen.

What I mean by that is that the Rotherham scandal was largely the result of a double-dose of the Left's own brands of racism. Namely:

i) Its negative racism towards the largely white and working-class victims of Britain's Muslim grooming-gangs.

ii) Its positive/“inverted” (or patronizing) racism towards the gangs themselves; which was based on the non-white skin colour of the Muslim rapists and abusers.

So added to the Left's positive/inverted racism towards all black and brown people (except the “Uncle Toms” who support UKip, black conservatives, etc.), you also have its negative racism towards non-Leftist whites.

All this was graphically displayed by what happened in Rotherham. Though it has also happened throughout the country and in many dissimilar cases.

Indeed, this situation was so bad that not only did Leftists enable the mass abuse of young girls in Rotherham at the time, even after the shit had hit the fan (or after it had hit the national news), such Leftists still wanted things to carry on as before. That is, Leftists criticized those who spoke out against both the abuse and the political inaction; as well as agitated against the demonstrations which occurred in Rotherham.

Take the specific case of Gordon Jelley.

Mr. Jelley was a leading social worker (a “trainer”) in Rotherham between 2005 and 2009. He also happens to be a writer for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). He would therefore have been partly – or even largely -- responsible for what went on in Rotherham. Yet a few months ago (after Professor Alexis Jay's report on the abuse and systemic failures in that town), he was interviewed by the aforesaid SWP (which didn't tell us he's also a member) on the Rotherham affair. All he could do -- as a typical Marxist automaton -- was blame “cops and cuts” for everything that had happened; as well as warn the readers not to “let the racists divide us”. (The details of all this can be found in this article: 'Gordon Jelley: the SWP's Rotherham social worker on grooming gangs'. )

Indeed it will be Gordon Jelly-types who are also responsible for the fact that Muslim abusers and rapists are still driving around Rotherham with under-age white girls in their passenger seats; as recently stated by many residents in the town. (This article in the Independent is dated the 29th of January, 2015.)

So it does seem that (racist) anti-racism really does rule supreme in Rotherham; as well as in the rest of the UK.

Of course Leftists will now say that there's also misogyny in Christianity and that many Christians have also been rapists and paedophiles.

Yes indeed. And Leftists have frequently told us all about such things for decades (or even longer). Yet when Muslim misogyny, rape, and sexual grooming came along on the most extreme scale imaginable – what happened? Complete Leftist and feminist silence. Why? As I said, because Muslims, on the whole, have brown skins.

Now that really is racism, isn't it?

Of course mentioning Christian misogyny is a classic case of Leftist whataboutism. You also often get: Whataboutthecrusades? Whatabouttheslavetrade? Whataboutwhathappenedin15thcenturyFrance? Etc. (See this poem on whataboutism.)

Okay: whatabout what's happening in the UK -- today -- with Muslim grooming gangs? Whatabout what's happening all over the world -- at this present moment in time -- when it comes to the global jihad?

Are there Christian grooming gangs all over the country abusing thousands of young kids? Is there a Christian rape jihad going on in Iraq, Syria, Oslo, Malmö, etc.? Is there a Christian country in which (as in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.) the woman is imprisoned for being raped and sometimes given other kinds of sharia punishment?

Finally, there may be a handful of Muslims who don't subscribe to the rape jihad or the collective abuse of kuffar females. Nonetheless, there are certainly more than enough Muslims to cause the grooming-gang phenomenon which we now have in the UK. There are also tens of millions (or more) of Muslims who believe in jihad, that raping kuffar is permissible (according to Allah), etc.

So, yes, a handful of interfaith Muslims may claim not to believe in all this thoroughly Islamic stuff. The thing is, are we kuffar prepared to place all our eggs in that tiny basket?