Why I Hate the Super Bowl

Years ago, when I was living in Silicon Valley, I spent Saturday night at a friend’s house and drove home on Sunday. The freeway was empty -- spookily, worryingly empty. I began to wonder if the Rapture had happened, or if there had been a nuclear war. The next day, I learned why the freeway was a desert. Everyone in California had been watching the Super Bowl. I have never understood why anyone cares about professional sports. I must have been seven or eight when my father shocked me by explaining that not everyone who plays for the New York Yankees is from New York. “What?” I remember thinking. “They let people from Boston or Chicago play with the Yankees? The whole thing is a fraud.” Why do New Yorkers care about a bunch of strangers who are going to defect to some other team if they get a better offer? Nothing is so colossally, magnificently unimportant as professional sports. Unless you have money on the game, whether the Bumble...(Read Full Article)