Were the recent terror attacks in France a watershed?

There’s much talk about the recent massacre of twelve journalists in France. “Charlie Hebdo” has become a household name that symbolizes a great deal to a great many. (There’s been far less discussion of the Jews who were also murdered, but more on that later.)

It would be a good thing if the terror attacks in France were a catalyst for a mass awakening in the West. The lives lost would not be in vain if people started talking about, and addressing, the cancer that is Islam. Sadly, that has not been the case.

For starters, there’s been a lot of concern about how Muslims feel about the most recent Charlie Hebdo cover. Here are the Cliff Notes: Many of them are offended. Gee, what a surprise.

Why all the fuss when so little attention is paid to how offended (to say the least) people feel who are being murdered by jihadists every day the world over? Jihadists are coming after Christians, Jews, Hindus, women, children – all non-believers – and killing them. Day in and day out. And now the West is in a state over whether to publish a Charlie Hebdo cartoon and how Muslims feel about it?

Seriously? Or I should say: Genuinely? Because the fuss is not really about how Muslim’s feel. It’s about being scared of what an insulted Muslim might do – a fear reserved for Muslims because many have proven to be a bit touchy about quite a few things.

As in murderous.

Meanwhile, despite the non-stop talking about the terror attacks in France, the discourse goes around in circles focusing on how journalism should adapt to this (presumably) new age of violence against free speech. Unfortunately, journalists and others don’t seem to understand there’s nothing new about Islam’s repression of free speech. Nor do many seem to appreciate there are no protected classes of infidels under Islamic law. Journalists are fair game like everybody else.

This isn’t about France. Or journalists. Or Charlie Hebdo. It’s about Islam.

We need to stop this obsessive conversation about Charlie Hebdo cartoons and step back in a forest-for-the-trees moment to put what happened into a broader perspective: the savage violence recently aimed at journalists and Jews in France is the same savage violence that has been aimed at non-believers for 1400 years. The attacks in France were just the latest in the bloody trail that follows Islam wherever it goes.

No. Actually, I need to correct that. They are not the latest terror attacks. Not by a long shot. Because Islamic terror is carried out every single day all over the world. Since the terror attacks in France many more lives have been claimed by jihadists. And every moment we delay grasping the big picture is another moment lost.

Big picture = Islam

So as I listen to journalists talking about how they are now targets, I am reminded of the oft-quoted poem, First They Came, by Pastor Martin Niemoller.

First they came for the Communists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me.

Journalists are understandably scared. They are more concerned than ever they might be kidnapped or killed if they say something or print something that is offensive to Muslims. I feel for them.

But I wonder: Have any of them considered how French Jews feel these days? Jews don’t even have to say or do anything that offends. Just being a Jew is enough to be targeted and attacked. And these attacks are occurring with increasing frequency and ferocity. In fact, as the media shines a light on the Charlie Hebdo murders, the fact that four Jews were also slaughtered that day remains a footnote, if that. 

And I wonder, will the fear many journalists have give them greater insight into what Israelis feel living under a reign of rockets from the Gaza strip while surrounded by neighbors dedicated to another holocaust?

Do Jewish lives matter?

And I wonder, while these journalists ponder how to do their job and stay safe, do they think about how Christians in Iraq and Syria feel?

Do Christian lives matter?

And what of women, homosexuals, or young children trying to go to school in parts of the world where Islamic terror reigns?

Do those lives matter?

How do these journalists think those in Lebanon, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia feel where, in just the past few days, innocent human beings were barbarically murdered in the name of Islam? And not because Islam’s name was misused. But because it was used with excruciating accuracy.

And why so much focus on Charlie Hebdo when at least 2,000 human beings were recently slaughtered in Nigeria in a span of just a few days?

Black lives matter, anyone?

We need to stop this obsession with Charlie Hebdo. By focusing on it, we continue to miss the looming threat that is advancing and infiltrating without relent: Islam. Sharia law. Convert or die.

What happened to the French journalists was a part of Islam’s tradition of bringing darkness, death, and destruction wherever it goes. And the sooner the world awakens to that brutal fact, the sooner we can face it down.

Instead, we get smothered in discourse like this (among a litany of examples) when, in the aftermath of the terror attacks in France, Katie Couric did a 40-minute report called “Journalism after Charlie Hebdo.” (I’m still waiting for her report on pogroms in France.) Prior to interviewing four journalists, she gave a five minute introduction that included phrases like this:

…the tragedy that took place in Paris…..

Katie, a tragedy is something like a natural disaster. What took place in Paris was Islamic jihad. Every opportunity to speak the truth must be seized. Please try it on for size.

…there’s an increasing feeling of uneasiness that more of this kind of terror is on the way….

Katie, what kind of terror? Please, be specific. By obfuscating the truth, you commit media malpractice and miss crucial opportunities to educate your audience.

…senseless murders….

Well, yes, Katie, I suppose to a normal person such murders seem senseless. But in the case of Islam, they make perfect sense because Islam is a totalitarian ideology that commands Muslims to kill non-believers. Best to tell it like it is.

…the killings were considered an attack on free speech everywhere….

I can see where many would look at it that way. But the fact is, Islam has been attacking free speech for 1400 years. What happened in Paris was not something unique in this sense. It is part of a pattern of intimidation, threats, forced submission, and murder. It is nothing new that Islam wants to silence free speech. It is rooted in the Koran.

…hostages taken at a kosher grocery store killing four more….

Katie, please. If you’re going to keep saying that journalists were killed then for God’s sake say who those “four more” were who were slaughtered. Here, I’ll help you: They were Jews. The jihadists murdered four Jews. They killed those “four more” because they were Jews. Say it. You might find you sleep better at night when you speak the truth.

…worldwide terrorism, it seems, has reached new heights and more than ever journalists are in the cross hairs….

Again, Katie, what sort of terrorism are you referring to? Name the enemy, please. It’s the first step and necessary to winning the war.

After the intro, Couric interviewed Charlie Sennott, co-founder of Global Post, an international digital news outlet. Sennot said Global Post didn’t publish the new Charlie Hebdo cover “because that is insulting to a Muslim’s faith. It’s blasphemy to a Muslim…That said, I will hasten to add, I will stand up for Charlie Hebdo’s right to do its own form of sarcasm….”

Hear that everyone? Sennot is happy to let other journalists carry the burden while he enforces blasphemy laws. Nice going, Sennot.

And on and on it went. Toward the end of the interview, Sennot said ISIS is a death cult that is misinterpreting Islam. Really, Mr. Sennot? Upon what do you base that false assertion?

Of course, what can one expect from a man who’s gone on record to state an absurd moral equivalence between Islamic terror and Americans in support of gun rights as well as those who are against abortion?

Not to be outdone by Couric or Sennot, NBC’s terror analyst, Evan Kohlmann, recently joined an intimate gathering of dhimmis (take a number, the line is long) where he claimed that while free speech must stand (wait for it) we must also-but-then-again-on-the-other-hand-except-for-certain-situations not offend Muslims.

Of course he didn’t come right out and say that. He couched it in moral equivalence, saying there must be “balance” and mutual respect.


Perhaps the most ignorant thing he said was that if, in response to people burning Korans, Muslims starting burning crosses and destroying Christian artifacts “there would be an uproar. There would be anger.”


Apparently this so-called terrorism expert is unaware (or intentionally lying) that genocide is sweeping across Iraq and Syria as Christians are slaughtered.

But if Kohlmann’s primary concern is with “artifacts,” he might want to be reminded that when ISIS isn’t busy kidnapping, raping, torturing, and slaughtering Christians, they’ve also done their fair share of artifact destruction. (See here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, among a long list of examples.)

And, no. There was no uproar. About the artifacts. Or the genocide. We’re still waiting.

Kohlmann-the-Expert went on to say: “If our agenda is to promote peace and reconciliation and understanding, you know, saying bad things about Islam is not going to solve that problem.”

Who decided the “agenda” was about peace and reconciliation? Doesn’t this exceedingly useful idiot realize war has being waged against us? How about we promote Western values, Judeo-Christian values, and make the agenda about survival? As in beat back the beast known as Islam.

As for the “problem” we must solve, uh, that would be Islam, Islamofascisim, jihad, Sharia, 7th century barbarians, Allah, Mohammed, the Koran, and all the rest that comes with this totalitarian ideology bent on world domination.

Apparently, despite his credentials as a terrorism expert, he missed the memo on that.

Kohlmann was on a roll as he also offered up this little gem: “We have to remember we have to respect people if we want that respect back.”

Say what? Is this man living on planet earth and paying attention? Even partial attention? Because, really, you can’t miss the wrecking ball swinging this way if you’re conscious.

Of note, Kohlmann has interned at The Investigative Project on Terrorism and is listed as a contributing expert to the Counterterrorism Blog. He has worked for the FBI and serves as an expert witness for the prosecution in terrorism trials.  

So for all of that, this man goes on national television, makes equivocal statements about free speech, appears to enforce blasphemy laws, and reveals a complete lack of awareness of the genocide unfolding in the Middle East.

I could go on, but you get the gist. So, alas, the terror attacks in France have not discernibly moved the needle. And perhaps if they did, it’s moving in the wrong direction as people feel intimidated, are pandering to Muslims, and are still missing the big picture.

Many often wonder what it will take for people to wake up. One more attack? Or perhaps a bigger attack? But horrific attacks are occurring every day around the world and throngs of people still don’t get it.

Please combat media malpractice (and elected official ignorance) and educate others. Each of us is a media outlet of one. Here are some helpful links to take action:

Things individual citizens can do, here and here (action items at end of article). Ready-made fliers to print, here, here, and here. Information on legal issues pertaining to flyer distribution, here. Organizations to join to help focus your efforts, here and here.

The enemy is here. And more are coming. It’s time for every single citizen to step forward to the front lines.