To Charlie Hebdo: A Tribute

Rest in Peace Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous, and Wolinski; Bernard Maris, and the two police officers gunned down by ignorant cowards. I'm especially grateful for that which these guys stood and the defiance they demonstrated in the face of a disapproving, capitulating world. A world ever so cautious not to offend the barbaric, mouth-breathing philistines known for throwing temper tantrums akin to those of children; except with access to weapons and explosives and the willingness to use them against innocent people big and small, white or black, Sunni or Shiite, Christian or atheist.

I'm saddened by the hypocrisy routinely practiced by public and private figures alike, the apologist mentality the Western world has adapted due to the influence, propaganda, and will of certain ideologues who stand to gain from this very un-American attitude which is now commonplace.

I'm not saying the entire Muslim community is savage; but it is factual reality that savagery has, indeed, long ago permeated their community and has lingered there... Our little southwest Asian neighbors have always been a wild card in this world since The Prophet Himself transcribed the word of the One True God, Allah, 1,400 years ago and counting. Of course these murders are not representative of the entire community; but we can't keep pretending Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. That is a huge lie.

Also, I hate to break it to everyone, but research has shown pretty startling evidence that fanaticism is far more common in both Muslim countries and here domestically than most people expect. Many jihadists fighting overseas are American citizens; some even born and bred among us. It's truly astonishing. While most Muslims obviously would not go on a killing rampage like we experienced yesterday, far too many condemn the magazine publication and believe they had it coming. They might not have that attitude were it not for growing so accustomed to the entire world kissing up to them.

CNN and the major networks initially presented some of the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine which regularly featured satirical cartoons, in good fun, regarding Catholicism, atheism, politics, global leaders, races, and, yes, Islam. Islam wasn't targeted for satire, the editors simply refused to exclude Islam in a courageous stand against terroristic threats (the headquarters were firebombed in 2011, Charb has had an armed guard present with him since then, one of whom was killed in the line of duty), bullies, the decaf pumpkin spice latte set looking down their noses at “offensive” shenanigans.

Charlie Hebdo was committed to denoting and publicizing the very absurdity of this entire conversation through cartoon drawings. If this incident hasn't woken people up yet to stop their damned kneeling, I simply don't know what will.

CNN already began censoring the images and announced, along with most other networks, they must conduct internal meetings and so forth to reach a decision on whether to air drawings of Muhammad.

Is this real life? If the entertainment and media industry continue their traditions of forsaking every religion, race, creed, with the exception of Islam, we will continue to send the very loud and apparent (even to mouth-breathers) message of our submission. That is how the enemy views it, whether you do or not. I could care less about drawing Muhammad, or viewing drawings of Muhammad; however, in the interest of seeing my countrymen demonstrating strength in place of weakness, and equal opportunity satire critical of all aspects of humanity, I demand our networks and media to cease going beyond measure to placate to and please the Islamic community.

They are the only community in this world so protected from scrutiny as members of that community continue a 1,400-year spree of murder, rape, kidnapping, anti-Semitism, subhuman and unfair treatment of women, all carried out in the name of religion; and all the hypocrisy which I've come to realize over the years simply through observing. They are also ironically the least deserving of such treatment by the global community, always quick to demonize anyone who dares insult the Prophet Muhammad, praise be to God.

The words "Allahu Akbar" are sung in praise by terrorists as they commit heinous atrocities against humanity. I wonder just how many innocents have died with those words being the last they ever heard. It's truly sickening to think about.

I don't live under sharia law and I refuse to see my people placate to it in any way, shape, or form. If Muslims want to follow their doctrine and refuse to draw a picture of Muhammad, praise be to God; but, dammit, we shouldn’t be obligated or expected to follow a Stone Age code of law that is not our own (which includes details on how to have "relations" with a wife under 9 years of age... I'll save you those details). That is the type of "code" we have been so careful to adhere to for the past decade in a collective demonstration of subjugation to millions upon millions of people who want nothing more than to see us all on our knees. That may be difficult to fathom for some readers, but that is reality. Outside these borders, things can get pretty damned weird. America really needs to come to the realization that this country really is different and still very much revolutionary as it was 238 years ago. Our fundamentals grounded in freedom -- those fundamentals are not practiced, accepted, or respected by a great deal of the global community and we must guard and protect them at all costs, against all threats.

Surrendering is not the American way, at least not the America I know. We make our own rules and we live free.

Like Stéphane Charbonnier said after the last attempt on his life -- "I’d rather die standing than live on my knees". I concur, good sir. Thank you for showing the world your bravery and the message which was always important, but more so now than ever. RIP.