The Terror Returns to Paris

"Terror" has worn many faces in Paris over  the past 225 years. First there was la Terreur, in the early 1790s when the French Revolution spiraled into a orgy of bloodletting.  Then came the extra judicial executions of the brief Paris Commune of 1871. Barricade during Paris Commune of 1871 The 1890s witnessed the rise of the anarchists who planted bombs in the French Chamber of Deputies and in French cafes;  The Second World War saw the French Underground's relentless sabotage of German occupied Paris before its liberation in August, 1944; and in the 1970s, a host of  European and Arab terrorist groups including  the Red Army, Bader Meinhof Gang, the PLO and the PFLP slipped through the city, threatening kidnappings, hi-jacking and bombings. In every instance citizens of Paris always seemed to believe that the latest outbreak was only a temporary virus that would soon enough pass through their system and be expunged. The...(Read Full Article)