The Race Grievance Industry's Theory of Exploitivity

Have you noticed the unchanged pattern of outrage that manifests from the black community whenever a black life is taken by a white person?  Have you also noticed that the usual culture-vultures (mainstream media, reverends, college professors, politicians, et al.) arrive without hesitation to gluttonously feast during these incidents? Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed this trend -- unless you’re a liberal.

One must understand that these “call to action” reactions are not spontaneous; they’re calculated maneuvers promoted by an ever-present Race Grievance Industry.  The charter for this race-hustling industry mandates that no white-on-black drama is wasted. Booker T. Washington was amongst the first blacks to notice this parasitic group.

Washington observed:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well."

Regardless of evidence, circumstances, or facts, the predictable scavenger hunt that summarily ensues after any unfortunate white-on-black incident stems from what I’ve termed as the Race Grievance Industry’s “Theory of Exploitivity.”

Basically, the Theory of Exploitivity declares racism as the motive for any disagreeable white-on-black incident.  Racism is their end-all-be-all explanation.  For the Race Grievance Industry, this one-dimensional, race-based concept is unapologetically absolute with no room for debate. In simple terms, the Theory of Exploitivity translates as Black Victim + White Culprit = Racism. And due to the theory’s continued success, white Hispanics have now been included as “White Culprits” for exploitation. Black Hispanics, on the other hand, don’t fit the agenda.

This time-tested equation of Black Victim + White Culprit = Racism has proven to be just as vital to the Race Grievance Industry as E=mc2 was to Einstein. And just as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has revolutionized science, the Theory of Exploitivity has revolutionized the science of victimology while generating untold wealth for its practitioners. In fact, the Race Grievance Industry’s most visible board member, Al Sharpton, routinely has more corporate sponsors than race car drivers and college bowl games.

From the Race Grievance Industry’s inception, its sole purpose has been to profit from racial strife under the guise of pursuing racial peace. Its insidious stockholders know that the Theory of Exploitivity really hurts the people it claims to help. Unquestionably, stockholders (such as Jesse Jackson) recognize that approximately 7,000 blacks are annually murdered in the U.S., ninety-three percent of the time by black offenders. Furthermore, despite being only thirteen percent of population, blacks consistently make up more than fifty percent of America’s homicide victims. Even so, the Theory of Exploitivity wasn’t designed to address black-on-black pathologies.

Consequently, blacks such as two-year-old Kamiya French, who was shot/killed at point blank range as retaliation (by a black thug in Detroit), and sixteen-month-old Antiq Hennis, who was shot/killed while in a stroller (by a black thug in Brooklyn), don’t qualify for #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackBrunchNYC hashtags or slogans. Their disqualification also means exclusion from receiving Department of Justice investigations, personalized commentary from the president, funeral appearances from White House representatives, or any other race-based grievance benefit.  Ultimately, disqualified blacks have to settle for anonymity and makeshift rituals (stuffed-animal memorials, and candlelight vigils) reserved for black-on-black homicide victims.

However, if a black person is killed by a white person, the benefits for the deceased black person are seemingly limitless. They include:

• Canonization with eternal recognition as a martyr.

• Incessant comparisons to icons of the Civil Rights movement i.e. Emmet Till.

• Front page news coverage, and despite criminal proclivities or rap sheet, benevolent-looking pictures will always be used to propagate the victimology narrative.

• Marches and protests with customized slogan.

• Foundation created with celebrity endorsements.

• Birth parents and even step-parents will become celebrities (Mom may also get to speak at the United Nations).

• Trademarked likeness (Note: This may cause family members to fight over rights)

• Covered funeral expenses with likelihood that a big shot from the Race Grievance Industry will deliver the eulogy.

• The white perpetrator will be caricaturized as a racist demon whose purpose was to snatch black lives.

• The white perpetrator’s private information will be publicized on social networks with emphasis on vengeance.

Currently, the Race Grievance Industry is utilizing the Theory of Exploitivity for blue-on-black incidents; specifically targeting white cops. By skillfully combining the Theory of Exploitivity with white guilt and political correctness, the Race Grievance Industry’s blue-on-black scheme has successfully ignited today’s anti-cop climate. Adding insult to injury, many police departments and politicians are actually pacifying the Race Grievance Industry at the expense of public safety. Following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions, Philadelphia’s mayor created an eight-minute video lecture for police officers. During the video, Mayor Nutter urged officers to build trust with community members, and use force only when "absolutely necessary," as if cops used force for recreation. For three consecutive days, Philly’s Finest were mandated to watch his condescending video before hitting the streets of “Killadelphia,” where no-snitching is gospel, and cops are typically viewed as the enemy.

It’s common knowledge that law enforcement is one of America's most dangerous occupations. Between 1996 and 2010, firearms accounted for ninety-three percent of the officers killed. During a week’s span in 2013, the Philadelphia Police department experienced seven cop-involved shootings that yielded four deaths. Despite the fact that six of those shootings involved gun-toting suspects and the seventh involved a knife-wielding man who charged at officers, Philadelphia’s mayor had no desire to make a video urging citizens to comply with police commands. Instead, the police brass decided to apologize for the deadly outcomes.  Such political correctness and appeasement exhibited by the police brass only empowers felons like Isaac Carmichael, whose encounter with the Philadelphia Police occurred a week after the department expressed remorse for the previous seven shootings.

Carmichael, who had three previous convictions, including two for firearms violations, and fits the description of an urban terrorist in my book The Un-Civil War, fired at a woman and her companions on a busy street for rejecting his advances. Officers in the vicinity chased Carmichael, who then fired shots at them during the pursuit.  Amazingly, he was apprehended without police returning fire, and no officers or civilians were injured. Of course, the police brass was quick to tout this encounter as an example of police restraint. In reality, this encounter was a manifestation of a study that found police were quicker to use deadly force against armed white suspects than black ones because greater repercussions exist with shooting blacks. It's an open secret amongst white cops patrolling inner cities that they can’t even point their flashlights at black suspects without fear of departmental punishment, or accusations of racism

As long as the Race Grievance Industry continues to impose its divisive agenda without significant pushback, cops will be expected to blow kisses at armed threats instead of blowing the threats away.  And as race relations decay, the Race Grievance Industry will easily peddle its other nefarious schemes; namely, the Theory of Tolerability, which it privately endorses but won’t publicly acknowledge. The Theory of Tolerability translates as White Victim + Black Culprit = Payback, and it's occurring steadily across the country.

Taleeb Starkes is the author of an Amazon #1 Best Seller that confronts the criminal subculture (and their apologists) within the BLACK community titled, THE UN-CIVIL WAR: BLACKS vs NI**ERS.  Find @TaleebStarkes on Twitter

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