The Obama Economic Record is Even Worse than You Realize

Six years ago this month, America cast its lot toward a young, first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois to lead the greatest nation in the world.  His mesmerizing words and bold promises drew folks in by the millions. However, unless you're a bleeding heart liberal, you realize the social experiment of electing an unqualified, former professional antagonizer has been an economic disaster.  The quantitative evidence, and it abundant, is overwhelming and ever-growing. Remember the fanfare of January 2009.  Members of the media were fawning all over themselves at what they were witnessing, the first black President of the United States. Change was coming.  All families, not just the rich, would rise in wealth, but especially those with the lowest of incomes.  African-Americans would see their lot improve, as would other minority groups. Grand and exciting changes were coming with the 44th President of the United States.  Exhilaration filled the...(Read Full Article)