PBS Spin helps Evil Flourish

The December 30, 2014 episode of "Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler" took PBS viewers on a pilgrimage to southwestern Nigeria with three African-American college graduates as they made pilgrimages to their ancestral roots to become priestesses in the Yoruba religion. The amiable Mr. Feiler has had six consecutive New York Times non-fiction best-sellers in the last decade, including travelogues about journeys to significant sites of different religions. Mr. Feiler appears to represent the progressive-humanist view that all religions are equally respectable cultural aggregations offering differing perspectives on the ultimately unknowable spiritual mysteries. Mr. Feiler does not approach these journeys from the perspective of his own relationship with God, but rather in the spirit of enthusiastic, non-judgmental spiritual tourism. Mr. Feiler calls Yoruba “ancient” and Christianity (which arose 1300 years earlier) “contemporary.” This suggests...(Read Full Article)