Missing Paris was par for the course

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest provided the mea culpa for the Paris radical Islamist-terrorism rally that the president’s administration decided not to attend.  Was the president’s missed opportunity an oversight, or was it, in the parlance of our Golfer-in-Chief, par for the course?

In 2009, the moderate Muslim Iranian street came out in force to protest against the radical Islamists who lead their government.  President Obama chose the side of the hardliners and left the moderate, pro-reform Iranians literally hanging.  The president arguably continues to placate the radical Iranian leaders as he bides time for their full development of nuclear weapons.

In the 2011 Egyptian revolution, President Obama’s regime supported the radical Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood), under the guise of promoting liberal democracy and human rights, to help facilitate the ouster of the more moderate Muslim Mubarak.  In similar fashion, the president supported radical Islamist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood, when they removed and killed the more moderate Gaddafi in Libya.  The president even loaned the radical Islamists our Air Force’s assistance for this endeavor.

The president has thrown his support to the various Islamist hardliner groups in their attempt to oust the more moderate Syrian president Assad.

The president’s show of force in the fight against ISIS is just that: a show.  The radical Islamists represented by ISIS are little harmed by President Obama’s pinprick approach to that fight.

...ad infinitum.

Pick whatever search engine you would like and type President Obama, radical Islam, or Muslim Brotherhood and prepare for a lot of reading.  The apologists for the president tell us it was simply an oversight, an error, that his schedule wouldn’t accommodate his support for the Paris show of solidarity against the radical Islamist terrorists.

Is this really the case, or did the president’s administration send a message by its absence?  Perhaps it was just par for the course.

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