Dad, the Elderly White Woman, and Race Exploiters

An incident at the pet store lead to me receiving another gem (great story) from my 86-year-old preacher dad.  I was purchasing dog food for Sammy, our greyhound.  A middle-aged white woman in front of me was holding up the checkout line, having all kinds of difficulty, finding coupons and writing a check.  Finally, after writing her check, the clerk informed her that the bank denied her check.

She was a little embarrassed and upset, explaining that she deposited a check yesterday, but it obviously had not cleared yet.  She said it had not been a good day.  I felt led to pay her bill.  The woman was shocked and wanted my name to repay me.  I refused to give her my name.  The woman said she felt like crying.  I trust that God will reveal to her that He blessed her, and I was only His conduit.

When Dad called, I shared the incident with him.  It sparked Dad to tell me about a similar incident that happened over 60 years ago.  He was a young recent convert to Christianity at a Christian bookstore, picking up a book that Aunt Nee had on layaway.

Browsing around the store, Dad was fascinated by a book of Bible stories and decided to buy it.  An elderly white woman standing behind him in the checkout line engaged Dad in conversation.  They chatted about faith and his desire to teach Sunday school.

The book of Bible stories was a whopping $5.45.  Dad asked to put the book on layaway.  The woman in line behind him instructed the clerk to give Dad the book.  Dad said he could not believe a white stranger would pay $5.45 for him.

Up until then, Dad said he was not much of a reader – only comics and books with lots of pictures.  This book was thick, with few pictures.  Dad said if she was willing to purchase the book for him, he vowed to read it cover to cover.  It was the first of many books read by Dad, leading to a college degree and a Doctorate in Theology.  Dad said look at the thousands of lives that have been touched by his ministry over the past 50 years because a woman obeyed what God had instructed her to do. 

Interracial random acts of kindness happen every day in America.  And yet, the Left (Democrats, Hollywood and the MSM) is constantly using race to manipulate and bludgeon white America.  Public schools teach white kids to feel guilty for injustices that happened long before they were born.  They are even taught to feel guilty for having been born white (white privilege).  Americans are afraid to disagree with or criticize the president lest they become marginalized – branded racist.

Thus, it is not surprising that Oprah's propaganda movie Selma has bombed at the box office.  Americans are burnt out with guilt trips, hoaxes, and lies about race, tired of being put on the defensive and beat over the head.

Does racism exist in America?  Absolutely.  Racism along with every other sin will exist until Jesus comes to take us home.  However, the undeniable truth is there is not enough racism to stop anyone from achieving his or her American dream.  America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it!  I am extremely grateful and proud to be born an American.

The dirty little secret is that black America's most formidable nemesis is liberals.  Liberals treat blacks like mentally challenged children or savages incapable of being held to moral standards, too stupid to find their way to acquire a photo ID to vote.  Liberal VP Joe Biden ranted that Republicans' desire to require a photo ID to vote was a hate-filled racist attempt to disenfranchise black voters.

Wow!  Is requiring a photo ID all it takes to keep blacks en masse from the polls?  Biden's assumption is very insulting – typical liberal Democrat bigotry of lowered expectations.

Whites who say blacks would be better-served not murdering each other and having babies out of wedlock, which produces poverty, are attacked by liberals, branded racist.  Blacks who suggest that blacks assume more personal responsibility are called Uncle Toms by liberals.

While Al “scumbag” Sharpton demands an investigation into why Selma received only two Oscar nominations and white liberals line up to kiss his derrière, good people like my dad and the white woman who purchased the book for him are spreading God's love, doing the right things, and making America work.

Despite the evil, divisive lies promoted by political hack race-baiters and the MSM, the truth is that Dad and the white woman in the Christian book store are representative of a majority of Americans.  America is great because America is good.