Condoning the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

According to the UK's Muslim Defence League (MDL), the murdered cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo -- all 12 of them -- “provoked a reaction”.

No doubt the MDL also believes that Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh, Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoonists, Asia Bibi in Pakistan -- and so on endlessly -- also provoked a reaction.

To put it simply, the MDL is explicitly condoning and justifying the massacre in Paris; just as it has justified and condoned many other Islamic terror attacks.

Blasphemy Against Islam

The MDL also uses the childish word “bully”. Apparently, Charlie Hebdo bullied Islam, the Prophet Muhammed, and Muslims generally.

Basically, whoever criticises Islam or Muhammed in any way whatsoever deserves to die because he's a “bully” or a “mocker”. More correctly, he's a blasphemer, and sharia law punishes blasphemy in the Muslim world today as it has done so for the last 1,400 years. And now blasphemers against Islam are being punished in Europe and America too.

Islam is at war with the entire non-Muslim world; as it is has been for well over a thousand years.

So what do those who are seen as “moderate Muslims” think of all this?

Officially-moderate Muslims -- at least most of them -- condemn Islamic violence on the BBC, in the Guardian and at the Church of Interfaith because they know that's required of them. Not to do so would result in immediate political suicide. However, the vast majority of Muslims (including nearly all of the so-called “moderates”) believe in vengeance or punishment for blasphemy against Islam.

Blasphemy, in sharia law, is punishable by death; or, at the very least, by some other form of sharia punishment (either imprisonment or stoning). So what the Muslim Defence League is saying shouldn't be a surprise to any non-Muslim -- it's abiding by Islam and by sharia law.

The MDL even uses a word Muslims always use in these contexts: “mock”. It was used about Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoons, Asia Bibi in Pakistan and in countless other cases. Fiyaz Mughal (of Tell Mama), Mo Ansar and Mehdi Hasan have also used it about many of the critics of Islam. It's a staple Muslim word which is used to refer to literally all criticisms of Islam; not only to comedic representations of Muhammed (as with Charlie Hebdo).

Fair enough, Fiyaz Mughal, Mo Ansar, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Mehdi Hasan, etc. haven't called for the death of the Charlie Hebdo and Danish cartoonists, Salman Rushdie, etc.; though they have called for some kind of punishment of these people as well as worldwide legal/political action to stop blasphemy against Islam (though they often call it “racism”, “bigotry”, etc.).

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)

But let's forget about the MDL because some non-Muslims may see as a fringe group. Instead let's take the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

The MCB's website spends most of its time distancing itself from the latest act of Islamic terror. However, it does to by rationalising, justifying and explaining these acts in various roundabout (duplicitous) ways. In other words, if you scrape away the jargon and soundbites, it doesn't really have a problem with most Islamic terror at all.

This is all the MCB could manage on the Charlie Hebdo killings:

“The Muslim Council of Britain condemns this attack. Whomsoever the attackers are, and whatever the cause may be, nothing justified the taking of life.”

This is shorter than the piece (around 150 words) on the Peshawar massacre, which included the following words:

“While it is very hard to find the words to respond to the tragedy before us, I can only quote a verse from the Quran in which it says: ‘Whosoever kills a human being, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind’.”

At least this time the MCB doesn't use the usual Muslim adjective “innocent” -- as in “innocent life” -- as it did in the Peshawar massacre piece. And that's because Islamic terrorists -- and millions of Muslims worldwide -- don't count the victims of Islamic terror as innocent. Therefore the killings are justified. In fact they are all examples of the Koranic “villainy in the land” (as are the Hebdo killings).

The ironic thing is that on the day of the Islamic massacre in Paris, the MCB published an article titled “Confront terrorism by backing freedom”.

Now don't make any mistakes here. This is typical Muslim Brotherhood doublespeak. The MCB isn't talking about the freedom to publish cartoons of Muhammed and the freedom to criticize Islam. It is unequivocally against all that and has called for legal and political action to be taken against blasphemy.

The MCB is talking about freedom for Muslims. It is only talking about freedom for Muslims. It is calling for the freedom of Muslims to Islamize more of the UK. That freedom, ironically enough, involves limiting the freedom of non-Muslims to criticise Islam! That's what 'freedom' means to the MCB and to many Muslims. It is a one-sided and utterly hypocritical use of the word.

Basically, the MCB is in one breath calling for less freedom to criticise Islam; and in the next breath it's calling for more freedom for Islamists and Muslims generally. It is demanding the freedom Muslims require to carry on with the Islamisation the UK. It is also calling for freedom from what it calls “knee-jerk and ill-thought-through considerations” against Islamism and Islamic terrorism.

In other words, the MCB is calling on the kuffar to commit suicide! Either that, or to “submit to Allah”.


In the secular West, people -- on the whole -- call the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo satire and criticism; not “bullying” or “mocking”.

The word “mockery” belongs to the 7th century. It can be found, of course, in the Koran. It belongs to Islam.

These are also the words of someone (in the MDL) who's at war with the West -- just like the killers in Paris. These are the words of a man who's also at war with secularism, democracy, free speech and who knows what else.

Basically, the MDL is at war with you!

Your very existence -- as a non-Muslim with a free mind -- is “mockery”. You are the Koran's “villainy in the land”.

Finally, after the MDL's sick diatribe against blasphemous kuffar, it has the audacity to ask: “you feel for the bully now?”

That is a warning from the MDL.

It's an explicit statement that more European and American mockers or blasphemers will be murdered by Muslims in the future. More kuffar will be targeted for blasphemy and for much else.

We should heed that warning.

And so should our governments.