Coming to America: A Terrorist Cell Near You

British Islamist Anjem Choudary made one of the most important and revealing yet little-mentioned statements in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack last week.  The imam tweeted, “Muslims love the Messenger Muhammad more than their parents, children and even themselves!  Why don’t people understand?” Why, indeed?  Perhaps Choudary’s statement was ignored because he is, after all, a “radical” Muslim cleric, viewed by the politically correct as someone on the fringes who does not represent “true Islam” (a term favored by not only Barack Obama, but also by al-Qaeda and ISIS).  But if world leaders do not wake up from their dangerously naïve, self-induced comas just as the terrorist sleeper cells are stirring from their slumber, Charlie Hebdo and the terror attacks at the Parisian kosher butcher shop and Sydney chocolate store will become commonplace across the globe for many years to come. Obama...(Read Full Article)