Bill Ayers is a Historical Illiterate

Bill Ayers has granted an interview to the Fars News Agency, the voice of the ruling clergy in Iran. There is no information as to whether he is sought this interview or the reporter approached him for his endorsement of the anti-American rhetoric of the Islamic regime in Iran.

In this long America-bashing interview, Professor Bill Ayers has told the Ayatollah Khamenei’s reporter, Kourosh Ziabari; “that by most standards the [United States] is indeed a terrorist nation.” He also added, “American people are the greatest purveyors of violence on earth over the past half century, and the foremost threat to world peace today.”

As I read the interview I thought professor Bill Ayres was interviewing for a job at University of Tehran. And since the Islamic regime has not been successful in brainwashing younger Iranians against America, it can be advantageous for the supreme leader to have American academic Ayers to teach anti-American 101, to young Iranians. 

This interview reveals that not only is Mr. Ayers historically illiterate, he sounds like he is living in an ideological cocoon, unaware of events occurring in the rest of the world.

Does he know what Russia has done to Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Eastern Europe beginning with the Tsars, Stalin, Communist era, and at the present time? Does he read the news of what a purveyor of violence and terror Russia has been to its neighbors? Does he know about the outright imperialistic taking of Crimea, half of Georgia, continuous domination and massacres in Chechnya, and the one sided war against the sovereignty of Ukraine? 

Does the good professor know how terrified of Russia and Mr. Putin the neighboring countries are? Does he know that Russia’s victim countries are asking for the protection of the United States? 

These are only a few of Russia’s escapades of terrorism and aggression, not including political manipulation by threatening to withhold energy from Europe, charging the Mullahs billions to build “nuclear energy” facilities that Iran does not need, and selling arms to everyone to cause destruction and unrest.

And in fact is Professor Bill Ayers aware of what President Putin would have done to him, had he been a Russian citizen, daring to do and say what he has done and said as an American?

Here is some real history for the esteemed professor: In the 1919 Versailles conference after WWI, the British refused to allow Iran to submit their claim for the damages and the famine that European war occupation had caused. The only country that stood by Iran and demanded that they be allowed to submit their claim was America, which was ignored by the other Western countries.  

If there was no American financial and agricultural aid there would have been another famine in Iran after the WWII also. If it was not for America’s protection, Stalin would have completed its ongoing occupation of Iran at the end of the war.

If the United States had not stood by Iran and had not helped Iran to build a strong military to defend herself, the old British and Russian imperialists would have continued their colonization of Iran.

And oh -- the 1953 "coup" story that the left has made up and that the British have allowed to continue was actually the work of MI6 to guarantee British ownership of Iran’s oil, It was not the CIA -- the U.S. had no interests in Iran. Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh was a wealthy aristocratic prince of the deposed Qajar dynasty. He was not elected by the people, he was appointed by the Shah. Iranian and CIA documents are declassified, but the British government has refused to do the same. 

My homeland Iran was divided between the Russians and British imperialists for over a hundred years and had no sovereignty. Professor Bill Ayers should learn that it was only America that stood by the abused little country called Iran and secured her sovereignty after WWII. Yes, America helped Iranians to continue making the dreams of their 1906 constitutional revolution in hopes of modernity, prosperity, and sovereignty that became reality in the 1970s. 

Yes, we had problems with the jihadism of radical Shi’a clergy and the KGB supported communist Tudeh party, but Iranians were moving in the right direction as a member of the international community, with equal rights for women, free education K through PhD, a secular justice system, a vibrant economy, and a self-confident society.

Professor Ayers does not understand that the ruling Islamic clergies are anti-American not because of the military power, but because America represents the power of the people.

This is how America loses friends.