Anti-Racism Causes Racism

It can be argued that zealous and fanatical anti-racism is doing more than almost anything else to contribute to racism in the United Kingdom and United States. To put that in very basic terms, one of the biggest contributors to racism today may very well be anti-racism policies and statements.

Almost every single day someone or other is put before an anti-racist inquisition or a new -- even stricter -- law is decreed to fight racism. 

Anti-racism has now become another revolution that's eating its own children.

What we have with much of today's anti-racism is the same kind of absurdity and extremity which often happened during various historical inquisitions. More specifically, anti-racism is just like the many other political movements that, in time, became corrupted. 

Many anti-racists also feel the need to justify their existence and legitimacy by becoming more and more pure (i.e. extreme). And, as a consequence, they will also need to find new targets -- more evil racists -- to reprimand or even punish. 

What partly contributes to all this is that a minority of Leftist activists (though often highly-influential people in the law, councils, academia, etc.) are attempting to create a “revolutionary situation” by deliberately making anti-racism policies and actions more extreme. Thus, in the process, these Leftists -- along with their words and actions -- are alienating people who aren't otherwise racist. Such Leftists think that the violence, turmoil or even civil conflict that their words and policies create may be utilized to benefit their own primary cause: revolutionary socialism or the “progressive future”. Thus they see what they're doing as tapping into anti-racism's revolutionary/radical potential. (These very same Leftists also -- to use their own words -- “tap into the revolutionary potential of Muslims”.) 

The fight against racism, then, is but a means to a revolutionary or radical end.

Let's just take two examples -- from a multitude -- to begin with. 

Think of Rotherham (UK) Council's anti-racism policies and how they resulted in fifteen years or more of unchecked Muslim sexual-grooming; which, all in all, claimed over 1,400 young victims. 

In terms of the United States, think of Ben Affleck's mindless belief that the criticism of Islam equals racism.

I know that that many people are more or less being goaded into racism as a direct reaction to the extreme bullshit, zealotry, and prejudice (yes, prejudice) that's coming -- every day -- from countless professional anti-racists (whether in politics, the law, academia or wherever). 

Of course the partisans of anti-racism will simply say that such people were racist all along. After all, only the pious Leftists of this world are truly untainted by the sin of racism.

It's often as if many -- or at least some -- anti-racists are trying to prove their own non-racist purity by citing even more perverse and ridiculous examples of what they take to be racism. Is this because they are themselves racists? Is it because many -- or at least some -- anti-racists have racist thoughts?

Like their National Socialist (Nazi) counterparts, when such pious anti-racists see a person they immediately note his or her skin color (i.e., if the skin isn't white). And that changes everything for them. They will automatically see that person as being “oppressed” or as an endless victim of racism (somehow and somewhen). Or, alternatively, as exotica to be patronized -- or condescended to -- in an orgy of positive Orientalism.

Therefore in order to assuage the guilt they feel about their own negative and positive racism, these puritanical Leftists project their racist thoughts into the minds and words of other people. (This is called “psychological projection” in the psychological literature.)

But really....?

The obvious riposte to what I'm arguing, then, will either be that I'm rationalizing/justifying racism or that I'm a racist myself. But that response would itself display the very problem that's being highlighted: mindless and zealous anti-racism. 

It can also be said that it's perfectly acceptable to say that people should -- and do -- react to zealous and absurd anti-racism. However, to also argue that anti-racism can actually have racism as a consequence is surely a different thing entirely. 

Let's put it this way. 

If anti-racist activists continuously muddy the water between genuine racism and fictional/possible racism, then surely others will do so too. That means that if things which aren't in fact racist are constantly being classed “racist”, then other people may give up on trying to make such distinctions too. 

Take this example. 

If the very act of giving a comedic representation of any ethnic minority individual is deemed racist (which it nearly always is), then people might have started to think that many genuine cases of racism (as put forwards by professional anti-racists and others) are bogus too. Or at least many might have developed a disposition to think that way precisely because Leftists are ceaselessly muddying the waters in order to advance political/personal objectives which have very little to do with the fight against racism.

In any case, I'm not saying that anti-racism causes all racism. I'm not even saying that extreme examples of anti-racism cause all racism. I'm simply saying that certain strands of anti-racism (e.g., ones based on Marxist -- as well as other arcane political -- theories) may well be responsible for much racism.

After all, after thirty or more years of outright political correctness and Leftist indoctrination (in schools, universities, council chambers, public libraries, buses, the BBC), many people are claiming that racism is still a big problem or even that it's getting worse. So have such people ever thought -- for even one moment -- that racism may be getting worse precisely because of thirty years of political correctness and sanctimonious anti-racism?

The constant barrage from councils, (Leftist) lawyers, rights 'n' race groups, police bodies, councilors, council workers, politicians, etc. against white people and against English/American identity causes racism. And indeed even if there is no such thing as “English/American identity”, it's still not the place of a Marxist/Leftist academic (at Neasden University or the LSE) to decide on that and then try to get politicians and the legal system to legislate accordingly.


So where does all this leave the British and American people? 

It leaves millions of people in a state in which any criticism of Islam, Muslims, immigration, Pakistani council corruption, black criminality and violence, etc. can't even be made -- let alone acted upon. A state in which the people have effectively been silenced on some of the most important issues of the day.

More specifically, these professional and political anti-racists know that the silencing of the British/American people about Islam and immigration, for example, will eventually help destabilize society (as referred to earlier). And in such a destabilized society it will be easier to create (so they think) a revolutionary situation out of which - like a phoenix rising from the ashes - a new Leftist/progressive state and society can be created. From such chaos and inter-communal conflict, the Left's “fairer and better society” will somehow be formed.

Large parts of the Left also think, for example, that the large-scale criminalizing of free speech -- the Gulag without walls - will somehow stop or end racism. No it won't: it will make it worse! 

This fear and trembling about real, possible and often fictional racism has meant that very many people -- from all walks of life - have been let down by the authorities. In all these cases, the supreme and (self) righteous fight against racism has taken first place in the pecking order of politics.

The permanent revolution that is the fight against racism has often become fanatical, extreme, and puritanical. Anti-racism, it seems, takes no prisoners and permits no compromise. And neither does it follow the principles of fairness and justice. What I mean by that is that it's often the case that many other rights, values and standards are sacrificed in order to cleanse society of not only real racism; but often fictional or possible racism too. 

Actions cause a counter-reactions. And relentless anti-racist zealotry -- day after day -- is bound to cause at least some equally zealous counter-reactions. 

Basically, then, many anti-racism policies and statements do cause racism.

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