Another Islamic Terror State?

Just about every European country voted a few weeks ago to establish a Palestinian state, much of it on land designated for Israel by the League of Nations after WWI. The Europeans, together with communist and Islamic countries and dictatorships around the world, wish to go even further by actually dividing Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, in two, as Berlin was after World War II. You see, in Europe it’s fashionable to believe that Islam would live up to its billing as a “religion of peace” if Muslims could have just one more state, a 58th Moslem state, right next to Israel. The state will be called a “Palestinian” state, but it will actually be a Hamas state.

In fact, many want Israel to be flooded by millions of Muslims into Haifa and Tel Aviv so as to demographically change Israel from a Jewish state into a more Islamic one, all in the name of multiculturalism. Many believe that if this is done, the world will no longer be the constant target of Islamic terrorism.

However, the recent slaughter in Paris of 17 people, plus injuries to others, by Islamic terrorists as ‘revenge’ against the magazine Charlie Hebdo for insulting their prophet should affirm that Islamic terrorism is organic to itself, and kills repeatedly for dozens of different reasons: insulting their founder, insulting Islam, going into their no-go zones, not allowing shariah to replace a country’s own laws, or anger at movies, books, dress, and speech it disfavors, to name but a few.

Indeed what ISIS is doing throughout the Mideast to Christian communities has nothing to do with the Israel situation, just as centuries of Islamic persecution of Christians in Islamic countries predates the modern state of Israel by 1300 years.

Sweden is one of the primary countries pushing for an Arab Palestinian state. Swedish elites seem to care more about Muslim claims concerning land and honor than the terrible phenomenon of rapes happening to Swedish women on Swedish soil ever since the immigration into its midst over a decade ago of young men from Islamic countries. It’s evident that the much touted peaceful Muslims are incapable or unwilling to stop the neverending carnage worldwide done in the name of Islam and spurred by Islamic preaching from mosques and schools.

Similarly, many are now beginning to realize that even the problem between Israel and the Muslim population in Gaza and Ramallah has more to do with today’s Islamic jihad than a local question over land. The religious underpinnings of jihad are so virulent and comprehensive that Fatah on its Facebook page now glorifies murdering Jews and promotes terrorism not only against Israelis but all Jews. Fatah is the PLO, the Arab group run by Mahmud Abbas, the man behind the Munich massacre and a Holocaust denier, the man Europeans and President Obama want the Israelis to trust and to sacrifice her security and land.

The Fatah Party Central Page recently featured a picture: a pile of skulls and skeletons as seen in concentration camp photos, topped with a rifle. The skulls and skeletons are Jewish and covered with blood, with a Star of David. The message: kill the Jews. This is Nazi stuff. Much of the world, and fearful and politically-correct Jewish liberals, do not want to admit to this truth:  Muslims in leadership today, its main players, want to wipe out Israel and Jewry. They are much worse than even David Duke. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood shared many meetings with Hitler on devising ways to exterminate the Jews in Europe and in British-controlled Palestine/Judea and Samaria. Under these circumstances there cannot be peace between Israel and the Muslims in Gaza and Ramallah.

In fact, twice -- once with PM Rabin and the other time with PM Barak -- the Israelis foolishly and desperately offered to relinquish 90% of Samaria to the PLO for a Palestinian state. To the bewilderment of diplomats, the PLO and Fatah refused the deal. Why? Because they don’t want to live side by side with Israel. They don’t want Israel to exist at all. They want all of Israel to become theirs, a Muslim state. They did this to the entire Mideast, erasing societies and countries that were historically Christian or Persian or Acadian or Armenian. They butchered the native populations, who invited them in, to a point where today people think these societies were always Muslim. If the Israelis don’t defend themselves, they will be wiped out as were the Christian communities and as is happening to Christians today in Islamic countries such as Pakistan. The ethnic cleansing over the centuries by Islam predates ISIS.

When Ariel Sharon was pressured into relinquishing control of Gaza and give it to the Gazan Muslins, Israel became a target of Islamic rockets, not peace. Sharon was suckered into believing he’d get peace. Instead, he and Israel got death and mayhem, a condition bestowed on all who relinquished land to Arabia in hopes of a promised peace. In fact, Gaza did not become a democratic Muslim state with human rights, but an outpost for Hamas and terrorism, shariah, a proxy of Iran, and a launching pad to destroy Israel and Jewish children.

Thirty years of negotiations have not worked because the Moslem Arabs do not want to recognize Israel itself, Israel as a Jewish state or a sovereign state. When crunch time comes, time to seal the deal, they are unwilling to recognize any Jewish, or Christian, state in the Mideast. As followers of shariah, the PLO/Fatah believes, as does Hamas, there should be no Jewish or Christian state, no state for infidels or non-Muslims. They differ only in strategy. Hamas declares Kill the Jews now, whereas Fatah whispers to kill them piece by piece through the weapons of feigned and neverending “negotiation” and intifada. In other words, shrink Israel’s space, terrorize her citizens, demand that terrorists be released from Israeli jails so they can terrorize again, and further narrow her boundaries in order make Israeli targets even closer.

Instead of negotiations, Abbas and company have now decided on a more advantageous process: the UN route. It sets up an Arab Palestinian state without requiring the Arabs to recognize Israel’s right to exist or Israel as a Jewish state. In bypassing direct negotiations, the Muslims will never have to agree to stop terrorizing or to live in peace with Israel, something a treaty would require. Instead of a treaty born of direct negotiation, they now want a unilateral UN declaration that frees them from having to recognize Israel. It means that after a statehood, they can continue fighting Israel until, with the acquiescence of an exhausted Europe, Israel is a shell of her former self. The Europeans would love to be rid of Israel so as to live in wedded bliss with Arabia. They are naive.

The bid for a 58th Muslim state failed last week for a variety of reasons. With Canada, Australia, and Britain under conservative administrations and with the House and Senate a countervailing force to Obama, PLO/Hamas statehood via the UN is not guaranteed for a while. That being the case, Fatah is trying to delegitimize Israel as a state and use the International Criminal Court to, basically, forbid Israel from using any successful military defense.

While Europeans would like to tie Israel’s hands militarily, they need to realize the Muslim world will do the same thing to them on a domestic level. They will use ”civil rights and human rights” laws, what liberals love calling “profiling”, to disallow domestic police forces from defending their countries from homespun Islamic terrorism on the streets of Paris, London, Hamburg, Stockholm, Brussels, and Rotterdam. Abbas will get the international Criminal Court in The Hague to go after Israel for war crimes, the crime of defending herself from Muslim terrorism, and hopes The Hague will recognize “Palestine” as a state in legal standing. This would ease their way in getting de facto UN recognition.

Of course, leftists, socialists, and appeasers around the world think that afflicting and demonizing Israel is their key to salvation. They will find, however, their appeasement will not bring them safety but contempt, and their societies will appease themselves into submission, Islamization, and the chaos found in Islamic counties. Let them remember, they are not immune. Countries that are today considered Islamic once were not.

They, too, may soon hear Muslims in the no-go zones inside their country demanding a separate Muslim state. The Muslims will, I’m sure, assert an identity for their new nations. Perhaps they’ll call themselves Moors; or will uncover some other “fact” of history that places them in a European country before the arrival of the Franks or Gauls or Celts or Magyars. Maybe the capital will be divided along the Seine or Danube or Rhine or Thames, and the European natives no longer be allowed to build in that part of the capital belonging to Islam. Yes, that’s it: Land for Peace.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is a theologian and author of Push Back and president of Caucus for America.

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