Against Freedom and Christianity

The last week has been a time to mourn with the people of France. The cold-blooded terrorist attacks in Paris cut short the lives of seventeen human beings, leaving France in shock and governments around the world on high alert. Adding to Western fears was the announcement by the head of Britain's domestic security service, MI5, that Al-Qaeda is planning to inflict mass casualties in the U.S. and Europe.

Americans must realize that the Obama administration's failure to formulate and implement a cohesive strategy to defeat Islamic Jihad makes us vulnerable to a catastrophic attack. Furthermore, the president's hesitancy and lack of resolve emboldens the enemy and confuses the American people.

This administration refuses to acknowledge that we are in a war and that the enemy is radical Islam. Each act of terror must be viewed in the context of “total war” against the West, with the primary targets being Israel and America. The goal is submission of all people to global Islamic hegemony. While the vision may seem far-fetched, the motivation it gives to radicalized Muslims is deadly. The potential danger to every citizen is very real. Nations of the world must give this threat the highest national security priority. If the world ever hopes to defeat Jihadism, America must take the lead. Mr. Obama is incapable of providing that leadership. Only the grace of God has prevented us from suffering a worse attack than the one at Boston Marathon.

The White House was hesitant to classify the recent attack in France as “terrorism,” and still refuses to call it Islamic. Three million people and forty world leaders gathered in Paris to show their commitment to this fight, but our president was too busy to go. Even the attorney general, who was in Paris during the demonstration refused to attend. It was arguably just another show of gross incompetence, but it also raises the question whether this president's concerns to protect the reputation of Islam is a higher priority than protecting the American people and our allies.

In the thirteen years since 9/11, America has sacrificed thousands on the battlefield, added more than a trillion dollars to the national debt, only to abandon the very people and countries that we liberated to be recaptured by brutal terrorists.

Our national security strategy must reflect the conviction that radical Islam, despite its religious overtones, is a supremacist political worldview that is fundamentally at odds with freedom, our Constitution, and the modern world. Rather than promoting a suicidal hypersensitivity to alleged Islamophobia, we should establish a zero-tolerance policy for any hint of Sharia law, Islamic anti-Americanism, Jihadism, radical Islam, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Any American who travels to the Middle East and trains in an ISIS or Al Qaeda camp should be tried for treason, not "monitored."

Local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals must be trained to identify and investigate jihadi networks and individuals, even if it means infiltrating certain mosques. Our northern and southern borders must be made secure against terrorists using them as an easy means of entry into the United States.

Part of the untold story of the Jihad is the continuing genocide against Christians. Hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East have been murdered or displaced, but the West is virtually silent. Our "Christian" president has nothing to say about it. It us up to pastors and churches across America to sound the alarm. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are dying violently, but bravely refusing to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. Americans Christians must demand that our government respond to this ongoing genocide. The president takes pains to defend Islam. It is time he started defending the faith he claims to hold.

The violent creation of a worldwide Islamic caliphate will never happen, but Jihadists can do immense damage trying to fulfill their demented vision. We need a comprehensive approach to the War on Islamic Terror. We must be specific, strategic, and steadfast in our commitment to fighting and defeating this evil. Let us pray that our next president understands this.