Who is Leading and Financing the Orc Army of the Left?

When I was in college, I was treated to a fascinating display of hypnosis.  At a large university, in an enormous theater, a hypnotist first determined those attendees who were susceptible to hypnosis.  Those of us who were not then watched as the hypnotist introduced a trigger word into the subconscious of those under his influence, at the mention of which they would engage in whatever activity he directed.  He woke them up, and each time he used the word, they went under the spell, he told them what they would do when they woke up, and we watched as they did it.  I have no doubt that had the hypnotist told his subjects to punch the person next to them because that person had just offended them, the hypnotized would have done it just as surely as they danced like ballerinas on a stage in front of hundreds of strangers.

Humans are emotionally and mentally pliable. That they can be so easily programmed to react to a cue is alarming, but that there are people among us who recognize this and exploit it toward malicious ends is disturbing.  The species homo sapiens can behave like herd beasts under the influence of conditioning and suggestion.

Most people have not even begun to understand the coldness and depravity of those who are dismantling our society and the legal and cultural foundations that have sustained it until now.  Justice has nothing whatsoever to do with their actions, since none of those actions are calculated to achieve true justice.  They are calculated to inflict chaos, uncertainty, fear and danger for the gain of some at the expense of others, all of which is antithetical to justice.  Justice actually occurred in Ferguson, and the programmers and their trained surrogates reacted as if they had been branded like cattle. 

With events such as Ferguson and before that Trayvon Martin and the Occupy hysteria, and now with the reaction to the grand jury convened to consider Eric Garner’s death, we are occasionally treated to a brief glimpse of the left’s Orc army, standing by for its cues, ready to march at a moment’s notice to destroy all in its path, especially truth.  When they do arise from the muck, it also becomes clear that they have been so conditioned to pre-programmed cues that it is impossible to penetrate their psyches and engage them on facts.  Their conditioning does not allow them to think independently of their indoctrination and training.  They do not want to know the truth, having been similarly conditioned to find it grossly offensive.  Still, they will tell you that they are not mindless drones serving a master or self-appointed master class, and that they have chosen for themselves to behave as would a herd of conscienceless animals.

Despite their false claim of autonomy, at the cue or direction of others they are prepared to instantly engage in mob tactics that are not acceptable in a civilized, lawful society, becoming full-throated vandals, arsonists and murderers who are convinced of their own righteousness.  Whether destroying the businesses of a town, or murdering an innocent passerby with hammers for the affront of his whiteness, the behavior is triggered by false cues that have been implanted by those who need others to do their dirty work.  Such “protesters” are the left’s army, ready and willing to detect the cue and instantly attack whomever they are brainwashed to believe is their enemy.  They neither want nor need evidence, or a logical connection between the alleged affront and the target of their rage.  There is injustice afoot, and they must avenge it with violence.

Of course, armies must be led.  They draw validation from those implanting the cues and triggering their actions.  Certainly the president has his fingerprints all over this, having met personally with Al Sharpton and the “organizers” of the Ferguson protests, telling them to stay on track the day after the midterms.  And Eric Holder, always pursuing that honest conversation while spreading lies, is playing his part.  But who are these organizers on the ground?  Who is it who trains and conditions the Orcs for their lords and masters, and toward what ends?  Certainly the media provides the propaganda and withholds the truth that keeps the hordes ignorant; but someone is directing what the hypnotized will do when they are told to wake up.

One such person may be Lisa Fithian.  She is, like our president, an “organizer” for social chaos and upheaval.  She is an anti-capitalist who organized the 1999 violent protests at the WTO conference in Seattle, and was behind the national “Occupy” protests, that were neither grassroots nor authentic.  She had been in Ferguson for weeks before the non-indictment occurred, fomenting and orchestrating protests in the interim, and planning the highly coordinated mayhem that came after.  Ms. Fithian appears to be, quite simply, a Marxist anarchist for hire.  One can find plenty about her online, but her presence in Ferguson has not been widely publicized for some reason that perhaps the Democrat media can explain.

In addition to Ms. Fithian, it was noted by Lee Cary that many other communist and Marxist players are involved in the turmoil, repeating and relying on the lies that all police are racist and all black teens are saints, to justify protests that have nothing to do with the reality of what occurred in Ferguson, but have everything to do with the next opportunistic step they can take to destabilize our economic and cultural frameworks. The chaos caused by the professional agitators has little to do with the original “injustice”.   The injustice is often itself a falsehood, debunked by the evidence.   Nevertheless, the lie is pushed by the anarchist to cause chaos that is not calculated to solve anything.  Chaos is the goal, not the cure. It is about forcibly converting a capitalist nation on the lie that it is in need of wholesale conversion into the false utopia of Marxism.

So, who is footing the bill for all of the “protests”?  Who is paying Ms. Fithian’s fees and expenses, and those of her surrogates?  Who is bankrolling these efforts to push the races in our country farther apart in order to facilitate even greater social instability?  Who is behind the apparent coordination of the message, so that all of the community organizers, agitators, anarchists and racists on the left are all spontaneously singing from the same hymnal? The money has to come from somewhere.  Someone is sponsoring our progressive overthrow.

Even if there is no clear financial tie to the White House, it is curious that the president is one of the foremost promoters of the lie of racism upon which the upheaval is supposedly based.  There is an undeniable philosophical and ideological affinity on the president’s part for the lie, as there is with Eric Holder, who discordantly introduced racial profiling into a discussion that had nothing to do with that issue.  These two men are enthusiastically dedicated to widening the racial divides they have largely created.

Much is happening behind the curtain, not only in Ferguson but everywhere that protests suddenly materialize, involving dozens or hundreds of “spontaneous” protesters who are coordinated and directed in what they will do, where they will do it, and how it will all go down.  We need to understand that the chaos we see now is not spontaneous, nor even a protest of what occurred with a grand jury.  It has to do with a larger, more organized, well-funded crusade to wreck America, to train and drill the left’s psychopathic volunteer army, and to transform our society into the anti-capitalist, egalitarian, Socialist/Communist utopia that empowers the left forever.  We need to know who is footing the bill for our demise, especially if he or she works or lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.