The 'Torture Report' and the Usual Suspects

By far the best and boldest response to the Feinstein Report has come from Professor John Yoo in his National Review article. An attorney for the Office of Legal Counsel during the Bush Administration, Yoo explains how Obama Administration policies have decimated our intelligence community and hampered our ability to fight terrorism and protect the homeland, correctly concluding: “It will take the election of a Republican to the White House again to restore the intelligence agencies and our proper place in the world.” 

And therein lies what I believe to be the sole motivation for the release of this report at this time -- not spite from Democrats because of their recent rout by the Republicans, not a last hoorah for the Feinstein legacy, not the need to shed sunlight on America’s tawdry past, and most certainly not a way for Senate Democrats to assuage their guilt for having thrown their full weight and support behind Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

The question “Why release this report now?” has yet to be answered but the response lies in recent events. The Democrats just suffered a devastating electoral defeat. They’ve lost control of the Congress. Their Dear Leader has been set adrift with only the power of his pen and phone -- a power he has shown he is not afraid to exercise.   

The sole motivation for this maneuver by the Democrats is to remind voters that they just turned Congressional power over to the most nefarious, amoral, law-breaking tormentors the country, nay, the world has ever seen. Voters will come to rue the day when they put hawkish, black ops Republicans back in charge and it should serve as a warning to the nation: do not elect another Republican to the office of the president or we will be stuck with another Bush and his wars for oil, his renditions, his Cuban jails, and his torture chambers.

It is precisely because it will take a Republican to restore our intelligence agencies -- something the American people understand -- that this biased, faulty, and scathing report was released. Make no mistake. This was a pre-emptive strike by the Democrats in anticipation of the Electoral War of 2016.  And Republicans like Lindsay Graham and John McCain -- no matter how emotionally attached to this issue they may be – have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the bait. 

While Democrats haven’t come right out and said, “See, America? Look what you just did electing these guys.  You better not do it again or you’ll end up with the same old story” they didn’t need to. The hour-long apologia by Feinstein and the endless rehashing of it all by the press are keeping it fresh in the minds of Americans. With a populace increasingly dissatisfied with the Democrat machine, agenda, and policies, and the fear that the Republicans might win the presidency in 2016, the doyennes of the DNC have taken a page from their own playbook -- revitalizing old myths that worked for them in the past.

How should we respond? Republicans need to turn this narrative on its head, to their advantage. They need to demonstrate how the ineptitude of the Obama administration and its lack of insight into the nature of the enemy we are fighting, have led to diminished intelligence and frustrated our ability to successfully fight radical jihadists -- who have become more emboldened and more ferocious than almost any enemy before them. Their tactics are to terrorize civilians with beheadings, crucifixion, torture, starvation, rape, selling of their captives into slavery, and oppression of innocents. And they have been crystal clear that they are coming for you. To continue adherence to the Obama Doctrine that “a weak America is a loved America,” is to commit suicide. 

And, while we do not use EITs as a rule, there are times we all have to ask ourselves:  is it moral to let innocent Americans die instead of subjecting a proven, unrepentant killer to harsh interrogation if it will save lives?  At that point, it is perfectly legitimate to ask “Whose life is worth more?” If DiFi has a granddaughter who had been kidnapped and was slated to die in 24 hours and they had the kidnapper in custody, would she let her granddaughter die rather than push the envelope with the kidnapper? I doubt it. I’m sorry if that hurts the feelings of people who live in a black and white world but sometimes you deal in shades of grey. It isn’t pretty, but soetimes necessary -- even for those of us who normally take the moral high ground -- and something we have to live with. We aren’t talking about rounding innocent people up, detaining, and torturing them, cutting off limbs, flaying them, beating them, shocking them. We are talking about gleaning information from the enemy -- people who killed thousands of innocents and who will continue to kill if we don’t stop them, even if stopping them means asking for information with a little more encouragement than “pretty please with a cherry on top.”  Encouragement. Pressured. Uncomfortable. Seemingly endless, but not life threatening.  Not physically and permanently damaging. 

Young people are turning away from the Democrat way of doing things. They are beginning to see the world as it is, not as they think it should be. And while we should always strive for a world as it should be, we must temper that with the reality that it often falls short and we have to do things we might not do in Utopia. 

The Feinstein report included as torture: sleep deprivation, exposure to loud music, humiliation, and waterboarding. Sounds like college life to me. And while I’m not aware of any waterboarding at the university level supervised by doctors with many restrictions as to its implementation, I can’t help but wonder if the drinking and drug games indulged in by America’s progeny aren’t, at least, just as bad? 

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