The 'Torture Report': a Soldier's Response

I am a retired Marine reserve Colonel. I have been in harm’s way. The Senate intelligence committee released a report that is likely to be incendiary at best. On the cover page the words “TOP SECRET – NOFORN” were stricken. The words “TOP SECRET – NOFORN” means top secret – no foreign dissemination. It is a classification that is used to indicate that such disclosures would be harmful to the interests of the United States, our uniformed servicemen and women and our citizens. That, in and of itself, should be sufficient to convince the U. S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to tread lightly and to not release the report. The issue is not the need for the report but whether or not the report should, in fact, be released to the public. For those of us who have served, Congressional oversight is critical but publicly releasing such information is dangerous and irresponsible. When I left active duty, I was...(Read Full Article)