The Obama Doctrine

The president has backed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) policy objectives in the Middle East and North Africa every step of the way. Generally, the MB has sought to depose or dispatch leaders in the Ummah who are seen as “Westernized” MINOs (Muslims in name only) and thereby slander the legacy of the Prophet of Islam. Libya The MB had been trying to oust Gaddafi for over 20 years. He was seen as too secular and not a true follower of Islam. In effect, by his words and deeds, Gaddafi slandered the Prophet of Islam. As a 2011 CNN article notes: While jihadists launched a brief but unsuccessful campaign to overthrow Gadhafi in the 1990s, the Brotherhood focused much of its efforts on clandestine preaching and social welfare efforts in Libya. [snip] In February [2011], as protests in Libya began, Yusuf al Qaradawi -- an Egyptian preacher in Qatar widely viewed as the Muslim Brotherhood's chief spiritual guide -- issued a fatwa or religious ruling obliging any...(Read Full Article)