The Jihadist Connection to Epidemic Child Abuse

The Cambridge Spies in Britain were the most destructive spy network of the Cold War. Soviet intelligence recruited lifelong moles among students at Cambridge University, who went on to careers in British intelligence and even Buckingham Palace. The Soviets used a simple recruiting strategy, aided by Communist professors who served as talent spotters, along with radical Leftists like Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

The Cambridge Five spies were young homosexuals at a time when active gay sex was illegal and often a source of great personal shame and social stigma. In one famous case, mathematician Alan Turing was arrested for homosexual acts, and given dangerous hormone treatments until he ultimately committed suicide.

Sexual abuse of children is still a deep violation of our morality, and it is actively prosecuted in Western countries. The lifelong trauma that early sexual abuse can inflict should be obvious to sane and reasonable adults. But our laws against pedophilia also give hostile regimes a chance to blackmail active pedophiles.

Many Muslim cultures celebrate adult male sex with underage children; homosexual aggression is quite acceptable, as long as it is practiced by powerful males on younger and weaker ones. For one historical example, Lawrence of Arabia made allies for Britain among Arab desert tribes against the Turks during World War I. But it is less well known that Lawrence was also anally raped by some of his Arab friends.

Just as raping women is acceptable in Shari’a for male aggressors but not for female victims, the same “logic” applies to dominant adult males and children.

Some of Europe’s 44 million Muslim immigrants brought their native practices with them. Add to that the corrupting power of Gulf oil money in Europe’s politics and the supremacist theology of Wahhabi and Khomeinist Islam, and you have all the makings of widespread European child abuse, aided and abetted by Jihadist infiltration into the police, the schools and government agencies, huge amounts of bribery, massive government-media coverups, and blackmail threats against any potential witnesses.

Western Europeans are not even allowed to talk about limiting Muslim immigration, witness the second prosecution of Member of Parliament Geert Wilders in the Netherlands today, merely for asking the question: “Do we want more Moroccan immigrants?”  In Europe today, the political and media power of Muslims and their Leftist allies is enormous, and given their indigenous practices of bribery, sexual and physical abuse of children and women, and imperialistic theology, Europe’s taboos on criticism of PC must reflect deep corruption. Nations do not commit suicide unless they are forced to. But Europe cannot seem to stop itself.

A recent report from the Gatestone Institute shows the same pattern of corruption and Muslim infiltration in Sweden:

Sweden's Minister of Interior, Ardalan Shekarabi, who is also responsible for Domestic Law and Order, is a former illegal immigrant from Iran who defied a Swedish deportation order in 1989 by going into hiding. Shekarabi is also known for embezzling state funds for an integration project to aid in his reelection as leader of the Social-Democratic Youth Party.

Sweden's Minister for Culture and Democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke is a hard-line feminist known for threatening to cut off funds to organizations that oppose honor killings if any of those funds went to men working against honor killings. As a feminist, it seems as if she wants only women to receive these funds.”

These two facts show the close alliance between radical Leftists and Muslim political power. It’s not that they agree with each other -- Leftists are typically atheists, and Muslims are militant proslatyzers for a tyrannical faith. Yet the two sides have built a powerful, secret alliance of convenience in Europe (and some places in America) -- an amazing parallel to the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938. Their alliance is based on a common enemy, and that would be us.

In Britain, these long-suppressed rivers of cultural rot are finally beginning to make headlines in the media, after decades of spreading under cover of media censorship. Pedophile rings have been publicly exposed at the very top of the BBC -- George Orwell’s infamous Ministry of Truth, which only broadcast lies. Recently a ring of 22 pedophiles was exposed in Parliament, with headline allegations of murders of some child victims. In cities like Rotherham, Pakistani gangs victimized thousands of children. Pakistanis criminals were invariably labeled “Asians” in the press during this time of witch hunts. But the word “Asian” never seemed to mean Chinese, Japanese, or Malay. It simply meant “Muslim.”

When parents tried to report BBC children’s show star Jimmy Savile to the police, nothing was done. Britain’s libel laws can destroy a newspaper, with the result that no newspaper dared to publish what must have been the worst-kept secret in Britain. The Jimmy Savile scandal -- which also involved other top BBC personnel -- only became public when Jimmy died.

It is vital to understand that such crimes at the top of politics, the BBC, and in local cities cannot be kept truly secret -- not to hostile intelligence agencies that know how to spy them out. For at least twenty years, therefore, the British political system has made itself vulnerable to massive blackmail by Jihadist forces, but also to Russian, Chinese, and perhaps industrial espionage outfits. The European Union, which is run by France and Germany, must also know about such high-level criminal networks, and the EU is not above a little blackmail itself.

The height of pedophile infiltration in Britain seems to overlap with the height of the multiculturalist witch-hunting campaign -- peddling the myth that all cultures are morally equivalent. It is easy to see how that campaign could be run by BBC bosses and “stars” like Jimmy Savile, to rationalize their sexual compulsions and to intimidate their enemies.

The Leftist Connection

In Britain, the Labour Party and its hard left core controls the BBC and newspapers like the Guardian and the Independent. The BBC also runs predictable hate campaigns against Israel, against the United States when a Republican is president, and against British conservatives. Margaret Thatcher was a target of over-the-top BBC rage until the day she died. No Muslim countries are subjected even to truthful reporting -- as in the case of Saddam Hussein’s sadistic reign of torture in Iraq. The intensity of rage and hatred expressed by the leftwing media in Britain, especially the BBC, almost certainly reflects the depth of corruption that prevailed (and perhaps still does) at the top of these organizations. To protect endemic corruption at the top, the controlled media had to run hate campaigns against people with traditional values.

British Organs of Propaganda were also running the international global warming fraud at this time.  Since radical Leftists like the Frankfurt School have often tried to make the case for pedophilia, there is reason to believe that several political disease vectors came together during the height of the multicultural witchhunt campaign -- when any critic was instantly labeled as racist, sexist, and absolutely evil.  A powerful pedophile network peddled the radical Leftist party line, and supported the Left-Islamist Axis we see at work around the world. 

European media propaganda took a decisive turn to pro-Muslim agitation during this same period of time. European pedophiles could be invited to Muslim countries where their tastes were catered to.  For centuries, novelists and travelers to Muslim lands have reported child brothels and slave markets.  Today’s depredations of Boko Haram in Nigeria are identical to the Muslim slave raiding, kidnapping, rape and violence that brought the ancestors of today’s American blacks across the Atlantic. And yet, Muslim influence in America’s inner cities is enormous. Obama’s Rev. Jerry Wright started his career as a Muslim, and of course, Obama himself adopted a Muslim name, and actively aids Islamist powers -- Iran, Turkey, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, and even Al Qaeda-linked gangs in Libya and Syria.

Saudi billionaires have long bought houses in London, going there to drink prohibited booze and engage in all the activities that are taboo at home, such as homosexual house parties.  In return, Europeans and Americans discovered the lure of sex tourism, where pedophiles could visit Muslim countries (or South America) to find their victims. It is possible that British politicians visited the Gulf states to indulge in such practices, and it is certain that hate-propagating politicians like George Galloway converted to Islam during the same period.  At the same time HIV carriers were actively spreading their disease to Africa and the Caribbean, countries without the public health resources to keep those diseases under some control.

Starting in the 70s and 80s, hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Muslims were imported into London and other British cities to provide cheap welfare votes for the Labour Party.  The Saudis provided indoctrinated Wahhabi imams to run the mosques they bought in major cities. The BBC conducted public witchhunts against its much-hated enemies, like former PM Margaret Thatcher, and for that matter, against anybody who spoke out against the suicidal immigration flood.

The British media generated a hysterical persecution atmosphere, and it now appears that pedophile gangs took advantage of that atmosphere of fear to exploit vulnerable children, to engage in sexual slavery and abuse against women, and to conduct honor killings when Muslim girls went out with the wrong boys. There were even reports of African child sacrifices.

London’s Finsbury Mosque has been a known center of Jihadist recruitment for years, and yet, infamous hate preachers like Abu Hamza can never be expelled from Britain. One major reason why Western Europe has lost the ability to protect itself from poisonous hate preachers is the EU, which routinely prohibits simple self-defense among its member nations. The European Union itself reflects all the corruption and political pathologies of its subject nations. 

This is same time that the Parliament in London surrendered many of its legislative power to Brussels and Strasbourg, where the European Union runs a phony front parliament -- with elected representatives who have no powers whatsoever. That is still true today -- the EU has a nice building for its parliament, but the rump parliament is still utterly powerless.

Thus British voters were made helpless -- voting for the parliamentary parties in London did no good, because Parliament had ceded major powers to Brussels, and the Franco-German bureaucracy in Brussels was just as corrupt as the party bureaucrats who appointed them. Free speech came under constant assault from nationalized media like the BBC.

Europe’s political actions seem suicidal. The importation of 44 million Muslims is only one example. If only one percent of Europe’s Muslims are jihadists, the continent has to keep track of 440,000 violent enemies hidden in its more than 300 million people. Like the U.S., Europe spies on its own people on a massive scale. Britain was once the land of individual privacy, where a man’s home was his castle, where even the King’s men could not enter without due process of law.  That England is now dead or dying.

Europe’s media are under the thumb of politicians, who reflect the Left-Islamist alliance. Muslim immigrants form majorities in major cities, where Shari’a enclaves are springing up and the police dare not go. The Left-Muslim alliance works to attract increasing numbers of Muslims from impoverished countries by promising free welfare to entire families in return for reliable votes for the Left. The political system appears to be in a death spiral.

When we think about jihadism we imagine the videotaped horrors of ISIS and its ilk. But like Soviet Communism, jihad uses many varieties of aggression, from ideological propaganda to infiltration, bribery, sexual subornation, beatings of women and vulnerable “infidels,” sabotage of police and military, on and on. The radical Left developed a lot of expertise in these methods during the seventy years of Soviet power, and resurgent jihadism originating in the Muslim world has apparently learned those lessons.

If Obama and his kind of radicalism is allowed to succeed -- and the next candidate is clearly Liz Warren -- this toxic mix will also infect the United States and other free countries.

There are many signs that these social poisons are already at work.

The Cold War ended in the 1990s, at least in Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. But the Western Left clung to various strains of Marxist-Leninism, most visibly in Barack Obama’s ideology. After the Soviet breakdown, the Left found new allies in Islamist fascism -- starting with Iran in 1979 and spreading through Islamist networks like the Muslim Brotherhood. Marxism is dead in Russia and China, where the memories of its actual depredations are too painful. But it is very much alive in Western university campuses, where it was always an ideological fantasy and reality had no impact.

We are therefore still engaged in a Cold War with major hot spots. The enemy has shape-changed, but is not difficult to spot once you see his camouflage. The Left-Islamist alliance is the real axis of evil these days, and as long as we are not even allowed to name him, he will keep working to destroy Western civilization.