The Branch Carbonian Cult's Actual 'Deniers' and 'Skeptics'

Behold the fact that Al Gore, Barack Obama, NASA bureaucrats, and the entire U.N.-IPCC gaggle of “global warming” alarmists are busy demonizing former NASA and White House space sciences expert Dr. John Casey.

For what?  For daring to issue a 164-page scientific report – called “Dark Winter” – that forecasts several decades of dangerous global cooling instead of warming.

Because of the significance of the issues in dispute, these critics of Dr. Casey and of other alleged “doubters” and “skeptics” like him deserve a correct name for their worldwide, U.N.-based climate-control organization – which is engaged in a frantic quest for endless billions of dollars in carbon-based taxes, as explained in detail by Florida climatologist Thomas Luongo.

With the “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW) label having been abandoned several years ago when the planet actually stopped warming, and with neither the so-called “climate change” nor the “carbon pollution” labels meeting the basic mandate of truth-in-labeling, what accurate new label can we try?

A prime candidate for such a truthful moniker – which failed to break into the lexicon earlier on -- was proposed in my August 23, 2009 essay in the AmericanThinker as the "Branch Carbonian Cult."  As explained here, the pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific structure and modus operandi of that Gaia-worshiping movement are as follows:

1. leadership by a self-glorifying, manipulative New-Age prophet – in this case, former vice president Al Gore, now being supplanted by President Barack Obama;

2. assertion of an apocalyptic threat to all mankind;

3. an absolutist definition of both the threat and the proposed solution(s);

4. promise of salvation from this pending apocalypse;

5. devotion to an inspired text – in this case, Prophet Gore's pseudo-scientific book Earth in the Balance and his An Inconvenient Truth documentary;

6. a long list of scary "truths" that must be embraced and proselytized by cult members;

7. an absolute intolerance of any deviation from these truths by any cult member;

8. a strident intolerance of any criticism of the cult's definition of the problem or its proposed solutions;

9. a "Heaven-on-Earth" vision of the mission's success and/or a "Hell-on-Earth" result of its failure;

10. an inordinate fear of being proven wrong in either the apocalyptic vision or the proposed salvation

In fomenting and enforcing its pseudo-religious ClimateScam, this Branch Carbonian Cult comprises many pseudo-scientific activists who are themselves the blame-game "deniers" and "skeptics" of those scientific factors that  really do shape climate changes – among which are de facto deniers, skeptics and minimizers of …

o the science of solar cycles – sunspots, flares & otherwise,

o the science of decadal and centuries-long ocean cycles,

o the science of variable jet streams and wind currents,

o the science of Earth's orbits around sun & tilts on its axis,   

o the science of outer-space cosmic/galactic winds,

o the science of cloud formation and sunlight feed-back,

o the science of human and animal inhaling and exhaling,  

o the science of heat retention by water vapor & humidity,

o the science of both surface and sub-sea volcanic eruptions,

o the science of sub-sea methane formations and releases,

o the science of oceanic “sink” for and release of CO2,

o the science of CO2 fertilization vs. alleged “pollution,” and

o the science of econometric cost-to-benefit considerations

Finally, Here Come the Defections

In this new light of actual climate science – rather than of politico-religious belief -- there are many defections from the Branch Carbonian Cult that Barack Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Carol Browner of George Soros’s Center for American Progress, and the U.N.-IPCC, do not want us to know about – for fear that we might begin to view their $20-billion-plus-per-year “climate change” power-grab as the pseudo-scientific and money-grabbing ClimateSCAM it really is:

First, there are the 32,000 doubters and skeptics of an AGW crisis, who signed the 2011 OSIM petition whose purpose and technical rationale can be found here.

Second, there is the 2011 Stockholm “ClimateGate” exposure of East Anglia University and U.N.-IPCC e-mails – revealing a systematic corruption of the environmental data on which the UN’s alleged “global warming consensus” was based, here.

Third, there is the unmasking of the fraudulent mantra that “97 percent of scientists agree” about the urgent need to combat climate change as an ongoing ClimateScam modus operandi to this very day, which can best be found here.

Finally, there are the modest but steady numbers of defections by prominent scientists who are bailing out on the bureaucratic falsehoods and cover-ups set forth above – but are also awakening to such readily observable truths as...

a) the remarkable fact that there has been no global warming in almost 20 years – and apparently no oceanic warming in over 10 years

b) the equally revealing fact that not a single one of the many computer models on which the U.N.-IPCC, the U.S. government, and the AGW “scientists” from academia rely so blindly predicted any such thing

c) the fact that both polar ice caps – and especially total ice volume and tonnage – have been steadily increasing, with the coldest Antarctic temperatures ever recorded

d) the fact that polar bear populations have been slowly increasing for over 25 years

e) the fact that several highly regarded solar scientists are now predicting an extended  cooling period – even a deadly dangerous “Little Ice Age” – lasting from 30 to 50 years or more

The rapidly unfolding moral of this story is that students, consumers, voters, the media, the legislators, the bureaucrats, and all variety of scientists (both political and “hard”) should steer clear of those few remaining Branch Carbonian skeptics of actual, factual climate science.

These are the “true believers” whose most urgent mission in life – even if they have to hire the likes of Jonathan Gruber to sell their pig-in-a-poke narrative – is to ensure that we “stupid” Americans endure shorter summers and ever-longer, ever-colder and more brutal winters.

Back to the Mandate of Truth-in-Labeling

Since every such prophet-led, scare-mongering, pseudo-religious scam needs a proper name, and since this one's alleged “global warming” has become a “carbon pollution” panic over “climate change,” the preferred new name for this cultic nonsense is clearly the "Branch Carbonian Cult." 

o "Branch" because it is a radical offshoot from the body of scientific environmentalism; 

"Carbonian" because of its baseless fear-mongering of “carbon pollution” as a primary cause of AGW; and 

"Cult" because of its pseudo-religious structure and practices, which are in accord with the typical religious cult – Branch Davidian, Branch Jim Jonesian, or otherwise – led now by such “progressively worse”  prophets as Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hlllary Clinton, John Podesta, Carol Browner, George Soros, and the Jonathan Gruber-esque mainstream media.  

A D.C.-area attorney, writer, and national security strategist, Jim Guirard was longtime chief of staff to former US Senators Allen Ellender and Russell Long.  His website is devoted to truth in language and truth in history in public discourse.

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