Libertarian Sounds and American Fury

Why should godless progressives have all the good music?

Actually, they don't!

They may not admit it "on record," but these artists are taking some clear shots at Barack-on-the-Spot (and his twisted movement).  This is a leader who has seduced the ignorant, disappointed the hopeful, and exceeded the fears of the concerned...  Well, let's just say he's more than deserving!

Here's the Top-10-Anti-Obama/NWO Countdown!  (We're counting down to #1!)

10. Epic Ditch - Hope and Change

"I don’t wanna hear about hope and change / It’s hopeless and it looks the same"

Lead singer and primary songwriter John Davis found God, got sober, and would eventually go hardcore punk rock (musically speaking).  He's also a devoted libertarian.  Davis hails from Knoxville, Tennessee.  You may remember him from the critically acclaimed '90s alt-emo-rock-band Superdrag.  He's pretty intense and will be making another appearance farther down the list!

9. The Jelly Jam - Who's Comin' Now

"Who's drawing sides with our nation?  Who's stirring up our frustration?"

King's X guitarist, Ty Tabor, recruited the drummer from Winger and the bassist from Dream Theater to create this stellar prog-grunge fusion.  That's Ty rocking some sweet lamentation against the evils of power and deception.

8. Galactic Cowboys - Media Slant

"Rousseau and Stalin must be cheering in their graves / I hear their rhetoric in everything they say"

This band out of Houston were melodic-metal darlings at Geffen for about 5 minutes until Nirvana blew 'em out of the water.  (Approximately 15 years later, Mr. Geffen would become a primary campaign donor for a relatively unknown presidential candidate out of Chicago.)

7. Rhett Walker Band - Get Up Get Out

"The time is now, can't shut my mouth, I've got something to say"

There's a new sheriff in town, and he's not afraid to sing the praises of Jesus!  Walker's Country-rock anthems are a bit polished (and formulaic) but remain gritty and patriotic enough to deliver a message rife with traditional value!

6. Madison Rising - Amazing America

"We fish the waters and we hunt these lands, we forge the steel with our own two hands, with what we've got we do the best we can, we're Americans!"

These guys are Americana (in the traditional cultural sense – not the musical genre).  Their schtick is a tad contrived, but you can't deny their passion and delivery.  They are the soundtrack of the Constitution.  Heck, they made a believer out of Sarah Palin.  It doesn't get any more American than that!

5. Superdrag - Aspartame

"All the aspartame and the video games and the drugs in the food keeping you subdued, so you'll never recognize who put out the lights"

I told you he was intense!  When Superdrag reunited in 2009, Mr. Davis went full-blown anti-NWO on this epic hard-rock call to resistance.

4. Lecrae - Church Clothes

"I ain’t tryna’ hate on my own kind, but Al and Jesse don’t speak for me"

A black Calvinist bringing theological zeal.  Listen up, son, cause Bible study ain't ever grooved like this.

3. Blue Scholars - Hussein

"This ain't the hope or the change you imagined"

This Seattle duo is very talented and intriguing.  Intellectual social commentary and super-smooth hip-hop beats delivered so hypnotically.  These guys are blue-collar all the way, as they boldly and repeatedly rail against taxes and corrupt politicians.

2. Switchfoot - Say It Like You Mean It

"I’m still looking for a correlation, between what to say and how you roll"

These San Diego surfers are as kind and charismatic as they come.  But they're not afraid to call out their own moral failings, as well as the moral failings of those in authority.

1. Daughtry - Traitor

"The only thing worse than a hater is a traitor"

Mr. Daughtry has not been shy about praising and supporting our armed forces.  He's played many performances for the troops over the past five years.  Daughtry pays attention, and he knows the score.  Trust me: this ain't merely some "you stole me girlfriend!" type song.  He's talking treason!

Now that we have our playlist, let's get out there and educate!  Let's make a difference for ourselves, our families, and the good of mankind!  Rise above the deception, and fight the good fight!