Leftist organizers are using Ferguson to rehearse the Big Ugly

Multiple far-left groups are using Ferguson as a pretext to rehearse widespread civil disobedience when the Welfare State taps the brakes. 

The scaling down of the Welfare State in America is not a question of “if,” but “when.” The status quo is unsustainable.

“Unsustainable” is one of those Washington D.C. words with a history of meaning little -- like Foggy Bottom’s use of “unacceptable.”  But unlike unacceptable, unsustainable, when applied to the Welfare State, is a derivative of mathematics -- a major determinant of the wealth of nations. 

The American Welfare State is unsustainable -- destined for significant downsizing by cold, impassionate, apolitical Arithmetic.

All except the most hardcore leftist pols inside the Beltway know this to be true, but it remains mostly unspoken.

The first line of defense for those who would sustain the life of the Welfare State is to reduce expenditures for the Warfare State. That battle is yet to be fully engaged, but is already underway in D.C. skirmishes. 

The goal of leftist pols will be to negotiate big cuts to the Warfare State in exchange for small cuts in Welfare. 

In the meantime, leftist, community organizing groups -- meaning those that openly define their guiding ideology with socialist/communist language (quoting Marx & Lenin, while avoiding any mention of Stalin) -- have been using Ferguson to stretch their muscles, largely unused after the 2008 election of an ally in the White House. For them, the Ferguson protests have little to do with Michael Brown’s death, and more to do with anti-capitalist rants, punctuated by chants against police brutality against young, innocent, black men.

Their stage setting is Brown’s death -- the play is about anti-capitalism.

An Associated Press article dated November 27, 2014, entitled “For some, location of Brown's hands irrelevant,” indirectly speaks to the fidelity of community organizers to truth-telling: It doesn’t matter to them if the “hands-up” meme is based on the lies of false witnesses to the Brown shooting.  What’s most important is that the false image of “hands up” has become accepted folklore among the protesters. 

The means of inspiring leftist street zeal are justified by the end. 

Lies have long been a tool used by the tyrants of fascists, socialist, and communist ideologies.   

In contrast, capitalism -- an economic system in great distress in America -- is inescapably tied to Arithmetic.  

Real math doesn’t lie. It requires unbiased calculation. Far-left community organizers don’t traffic in unbiased calculation.

Scan the signage in the photos taken at Ferguson street protests across the nation and note that a handful of groups’ names reoccur.  Among them are REVCOM.US (Revolutionary Community Party USA , A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition (founded by the pro-Leninist Becker brothers and aligned with the Party for Socialism and Liberation), Peoples Power Assemblies, Socialist Worker.org, and the International Action Center (founded by Jimmy Carter’s former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, in 1992). There are more.

Standing behind the signs are well-funded 501(c)(3) groups that receive millions of dollars every year through donations and foundation grants, and then allocate monies to promote social change.

It’s a one-two-three punch involving community organizers, supported by moneyed enablers, who marshal protesters to the street carrying signs with organizational ties most know nothing about.     

All of it is well-organized, well-executed, and well-funded by intelligent, well-rehearsed, highly-motivated, ideologically-driven zealots for fundamental transformation in America, and, for some, the world.

It’s all perfectly legal. 

The key leaders are savvy enough to understand that funding for the American Welfare State is living on borrowed time -- or, more literally, on borrowed money.  Borrowing from other nations, and from our own nation’s future, reflects the long-running prostitution of John Maynard Keynes’ notion of deficit spending as a means to stimulate a slack economy. 

Deficit spending is a federal addiction.

Sooner or later, taken to the extreme, all unhindered addictions kill. And Washington’s deficit spending addition -- practiced by both political parties -- will bring significant consequences to the Welfare and the Warfare States. 

The far-left social change enterprises are leaning into what they know will be a generational opportunity as the Welfare State begins to face significant downsizing. Instead of signs reading “Justice For Michael Brown,” they’ll read “Justice For America’s Poor.” “Poor Lives Matter” will replace “Black Lives Matter.” The marching chants of “This is what democracy looks like” will grow louder.   

The Occupy Wall Street model will be replicated widely in the Big Blue Cities as stationary protests compliment mobile protests convened by social media -- the new bullhorn of community organizers. 

Transportation interruptions, like the recent one in San Francisco; the disruption of retail sales at bricks-and-mortar outlets like those on Black Friday (we’ll see more on Christmas Eve); and the wilding that brings fire and destruction, will surface in the wake of any event that trigger a grievance response as the Welfare State declines. 

Sooner or later, blood will be shed.

The community activists groups are leaning in this direction. Ferguson is, for them, a scrimmage in preparation for the Big Ugly.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that a dénouement is ahead for the Welfare State. Signs, not handheld, are popping up.

Zerohedge.com is just one of a cadre of relatively new on-line sites for economic news. Unlike the legacy media pundits (e.g., MSNBC), these sources tend to have no partisan ax to grind, and their writers are educated in economics. 

A recent Zerohedge article entitled “Federal Reserve Confirms Biggest Foreign Gold Withdrawal In Over Ten Years,” reports how European nations are repatriating their gold reserves long-stored in the U.S.  Germany has the most gold here, but the U.S. Treasury has been slow to respond to German requests to have it back.  Just one more sign.

The Big Ugly is coming -- perhaps not imminent, but inevitable.  And the community organizers are preparing.

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