Is It Time for an Anti-Federalist Party?

No wise and serious American, whatever his notional ideology, trusts the federal government.  This fact is often lost in the dust and wind from that gaggle of pundits whose relevance depends upon every issue of life being controlled by an all-powerful central government.  In American politics and government, the problem, of course, is Washington, and most Americans find Washington as arrogant and stupid as American colonists found London in 1776.  Is it time, then, for an Anti-Federalist Party?  Such a party or movement need not prescribe the proper response from government to different issues, except that an Anti-Federalist Party would insist that whether government ought to respond to these issues and how government ought to respond to these issues should be decided by state governments and ought to reflect the wishes of the voters in the states. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The more power concentrated in Washington, the...(Read Full Article)