Do Black Lives Really Matter to Liberals?

If black lives matter, and we all know they do, we need to work to end the unnecessary and early deaths of black people.  It’s not enough to look at one minor source of black mortality – shootings by law enforcement officers – and ignore the reasons for the vast majority of black deaths.

While hard numbers are not readily available, the best estimates available put the total number of people killed by the police across the country in any given year at significantly less than 1,000.  For example, the best estimate for 2011 shows that the police killed 607 individuals.

According to the CDC, roughly 290,000 blacks die each year.  If we include blacks killed by abortion, the total becomes ~590,000.

If we use the CDC number, that means that if every single person killed by police in the U.S. were black, 0.2% of blacks would die from police action; if we include unborn blacks who are killed, the value is 0.1%.

Clearly, if black lives truly matter, fixating on how less than 0.2% of blacks die is not the best way to help blacks.

Because the unborn, according to science, are human, the leading cause of death of black Americans is abortion.  More blacks are aborted each year than die from the other 7 leading causes of death combined.  That’s why Jesse Jackson said that abortion is genocide against blacks.

Surprisingly, the same liberals who say they are concerned about the tiny percentage of blacks killed by police not only don’t care about the mass elimination of blacks in the womb, but they in fact work constantly to protect those who slaughter blacks.

Eighty percent of abortion facilities are in minority neighborhoods, and blacks are three times as likely to kill their unborn child as whites are.  If black lives mattered to liberals, they’d be up in arms over this racist effort by organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Instead, the same folks who are ignoring the facts of the Ferguson case and imputing nonexistent racism to the Garner case tend to be strong and proud supporters of Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations that target blacks.

In fact, the MSM non-event of the month, uber-liberal Jonathan Gruber, has written that abortion is good because it saves the government money, since poor babies who are aborted would otherwise grow up to use welfare dollars.  He was just echoing what has been a Democrat theme since at least 1979, when Geraldine Ferraro, Democrat VP candidate in 1984, said it was cheaper to abort babies than to let them live.  Even if rich white folk like Gruber or Ferraro happen to be thinking about whites when they say things like this, the much higher black abortion rate would mean that any societal “benefit” from abortion would accrue disproportionately from the elimination of black people.

Yet even though liberals like Gruber and Ferraro know, or should know, that blacks are more likely to be killed in the womb than whites, they feel perfectly comfortable saying that a “good” aspect of abortion is that it reduces welfare costs.  Clearly, to them, black lives don’t really matter compared to saving money.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are fighting to end the racially biased scourge of abortion in America.  Who really thinks that black lives matter?

If we prevent any police officer from killing any black ever again, we’ll save <1,000 blacks each year.  If we end abortion – or even if only abortions due to the mothers health, rape and incest are allowed – in America, we’ll save >300,000 blacks every year.

Even if we ignore the hot-button issue of abortion, it’s clear that conservatives are the ones who really believe that black lives matter.

The leading cause of death of black Americans age 15 to 34 is homicide, and in 93% of those cases, the black is killed by another black.

Yet liberals who say they believe that black lives matter have worked for decades to make it harder to arrest and prosecute criminals, and they also object to incarcerating prisoners for extended periods.  They are even working hard to reduce the number of blacks in prison by falsely claiming that blacks criminals are victims of racism.

This misguided leniency in the face of the black murder epidemic in liberal-controlled cities like Chicago can only be the result of either gross incompetence or a lack of belief that black lives matter.

Conservatives who want to aggressively prosecute and incarcerate those who use violence in their crimes are taking a stand that black lives do matter.

While liberals say they care about black lives, the reality is that liberals use cases like Ferguson and Garner to advance their own agenda, which has nothing to do with protecting blacks.  After all, if liberals really cared about blacks, they’d be working to reduce the hundreds of blacks killed each year in Chicago, not spending all their time lying about a “gentle giant” whose drug use and bad temper led to his unfortunate demise.  Finally, if liberals really cared about blacks, they’d be working to end the genocide against black people that Jesse Jackson condemned.

The reality is that when it comes to acting as though black lives matter, liberals are all talk and no action.

On the other hand conservatives want to end the black abortion epidemic, make black neighborhoods safer by putting violent criminals in jail, give blacks school choice so they can get a decent education, and support enterprise zones to bring jobs into black communities.

In direct opposition to liberal actions, conservatives, since Lincoln freed the slaves and Eisenhower made sure that school segregation ended, have been supporting policies based on conservatives' deeply held belief that black lives do matter.

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