American Deceptionalism

Americans are drawn to the latest spectacle surrounding Jonathan Gruber -- an MIT professor -- paid almost six million dollars to assist in deceiving the public with regard to the Affordable Care Act.  Gruber recently treated the public to another dose of contrived contrition before a televised Congressional committee.  Gruber is one of many foot soldiers in a larger war against truth waged in the American public sphere.  American Deceptionalism is a profoundly important phenomenon that describes and informs the most important aspects of our current cultural malaise.  We are besieged by an intellectual elite intensely committed to a grand design of American Deceptionalism.  Confronting and defeating this social phenomenon is our surest path forward for the nation.  What are the characteristic beliefs of American Deceptionalism? America is not exceptional.  For our epistemic elite composed of Hollywood storytellers, jaded journalists,...(Read Full Article)