Which Will We Choose? Our America, or Theirs?

Many of us were raised in pre-Liberal Apocalypse America – the one in which our parents were largely responsible for reducing real racism to a statistical anomaly.  It was an America populated by people who were not so deluded by a belief in their own superiority that they unilaterally declared themselves the arbiters of the rights of their political opponents.  In that America, it was understood that those practicing religions different from one’s own coexisted without a concealed belief that we deserved to die for our beliefs, and that it was the right of the zealot to act as executioner.  In America, people worked, they earned a living, they paid their own bills, they raised their own children, they taught those children right from wrong, and they expected to be left alone by their neighbors and their government unless they were breaking a law.  It didn’t take a village full of grievance-mongers, predators, criminals, pedophiles, emotional degenerates, grifters, and self-declared victims.  It took a family, led by parents who were raised with values distilled from generations of wisdom and experience, both black and white.

In that America, liberals were still sufficiently “of” America that they identified with it as their country, too, and its heritage was also theirs.  They were the children of the “Greatest Generation” and the grandchildren of immigrants who came legally, assimilated, and were grateful for the opportunities that grew from their hard work.

Those days are gone, and we are no longer fellow citizens of the same America.  Our America is under angry, determined, and endless attack by other Americans who seek to conquer it and remake it in their image.  Of course, that image depends on the aggressor.  For some, it will be socialist at least, and communist at best.  For others, it will be dominated by those practicing every vice known to decay and destroy a culture.  For some, it will be a nation of pagan environmentalism.  For others, an arena in which sexual preference equals advantages over others, and the power to make the unwilling conform to and celebrate such choices.  Perhaps it will be a gun free zone where the innocent are more easily killed by the evil.  For some, it will be an Islamic theocracy.

What it will decidedly not be is a nation of equality of rights, representative government, opportunity, and liberty.  We can no longer act as if we don’t recognize that the left intends to eradicate the old America forever.  We are to be overwhelmed, conquered, and converted, and we are to have no say in what is done to us.  Historically, states that fail to see the malice in their neighbors are destined to be defeated and enslaved by those neighbors.  Though we usually recognize this in the context of nations, it is time we recognize that such wars are also internal, internecine struggles that determine the survival of a nation as constituted.  Evil, even in Americans, will eventually rise up and attempt to smother good. 

For many reasons, this is a troubling concept to accept, since for so long we have considered other Americans to be like us, of America rather than merely in it.  We share a common heritage, common history, common values, and common goals, don’t we?

Actually, no, we do not, and the sooner we come to terms with those who work every day to force us to live in their misshapen and fundamentally deformed America, the better.  For those of you who still think that liberals/Democrats are also like-minded Americans, with all the commonalities just listed, ask yourselves this: if we shared a common heritage, why is it so important to the left to eradicate or rewrite it?  If we shared a common history, why won’t they admit to that history, or the goodness of America that made it what it is, or was?  Common values?  Not unless pervasive dishonesty and lawlessness in the acquisition and illicit use of power, enabled by propaganda and intimidation, are common values. 

Perhaps it is in the matter of common goals that the divisions are most clearly drawn for those unable to admit the rest.  Those who are of America see the timeless and near flawless wisdom of a governmental code that prevents one faction from intimidating and overpowering the others.  They see protected human freedom as the epitome of evolution, the crowning achievement of an enlightened civilization that welcomes those who subscribe to the code in good faith.  They see guarded liberty as the fruition of all that is best in humanity, with each person free to take the actions and make the choices that maximize his return on his own skill, talents, dedication, ethics, and time.   They give to those in need, because it is what they wish, and they are generous as a people.

Those who are no longer of that America have wholly abandoned such concepts as freedom, liberty, loyalty, and honesty.  It is upon the antitheses of these that the left has commenced to remake America.  Criminals have known for centuries that it is easier to steal than to earn, that they can more easily break into a house than enter as a respected guest or neighbor, and that they must take by force what they cannot justly receive.  Those practicing these trades as politicians, celebrities, officials, judges, and even citizens have cynically rejected the social code that enabled their own success, and have replaced it with the tyranny that will enrich them at the expense of other Americans.

So how do we arrest their march?  We can start by admitting that the greatest threat to America at this moment in our history is actually posed by Americans.  Look around you.  They are not merely temporarily misguided, and we are not still all one blended family.  Do they appear to accept that premise?  As they actively force their faults, failures, immorality, and deception upon you, do you think they are troubled by the fact that those upon whom they force their vice are also Americans?  Did they seem to care when they stole our money to pay off their friends and benefactors and called it stimulus?  Did they care when they passed Obamacare, knowing that millions of Americans would lose their insurance?  Did they care when they used the IRS to attack fellow Americans?  How about when they rig voting machines, or engage in wholesale fraud, to nullify your vote?  When they falsely redefine marriage, do they appear concerned for your views or beliefs?  When they repeatedly vote to deny rights and freedoms to Americans who disagree with them, while creating entirely new ones for others who will vote for them, do they seem concerned?  Or when they open the border to bring in every rapist, child molester, cop-killer, and drug-pusher who appreciates such a vast new workplace?  Or when terrorists are freed, stable nations are destabilized, and our nation is weakened, all of which will bear bitter fruit our children will have to eat?  Have they ever seemed troubled to you?  Why should they be?  They believe in their mission and objectives.  They intend to win.

All this evil, and not even a single moment of self-doubt or remorse.  We have seen the enemy, and he is us.  Or he used to be.  Every moment spent not seeing that these Americans are the greatest threat to our future as a free people is wasted.  We cannot defeat the enemies outside if we do not defeat the enemy inside the gate first.  We can make a start next Tuesday, but that must be merely a start.  We must work as hard to get America back as they have worked to steal it.