Tony Blair is Wrong about the Muslim World... or is He?

I've chosen to focus on Tony Blair's attitude towards the Muslim world and Islam because he expresses views which many other Western leaders have also expressed in recent years (i.e., not only the infamous “neocons”). The other thing is that he has spoken openly and frequently on these subjects since his fall from power. Take President Obama, for example. Much of what Tony Blair says may well be endorsed by Barack Obama. Though if Blair's views -- on Islam and the Muslim world -- aren't endorsed by Obama himself, then they certainly are by other Democrats; as well as by various -- perhaps many -- Republicans. As just hinted at, because Blair is no longer in power, he can afford to speak a bit more openly and honestly about Islam and the Muslim world. However, along with that freedom comes Blair's tendency to outrightly contradict himself on these issues. The Chasm Between Islam and the Actions of Muslim Extremists At the heart of Tony...(Read Full Article)