The Real Tragedy of Ferguson Is...

In light of comments such as those by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, one needs to consider the context of recent events in Ferguson. Weingarten asserts that . . .

the fact remains that on Aug. 9, an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed. Given that we are a nation of laws, one can only hope that the lack of an indictment isn’t tantamount to any lack of zeal on the part of the prosecutor to do the job he was supposed to do to enable the grand jury to arrive at an impartial and fact-based decision [.]

This case once again reminds us that there is still much work to be done to achieve racial justice in America. It tells us that our moral compass and legal systems do not always align.

Weingarten epitomizes the leftist ideology that continually must find a racial basis for anything that occurs in this country. That the facts do not align with what the liberals desire is infuriating to them and thus the real tragedy of Ferguson is:

  • . . . that in order to fully accept the evidence of the case, news commentators feel compelled to say that eyewitnesses to the attack on the police officer were black, thus implying that whites, by the very nature of their melanin level, would not have been capable of abiding by the rule of law. It continues to feed Obama's premise that race should be the determining factor in everything. But, indeed, if race does make a difference in certain situations, why didn't the first black president and his black attorney general reach out to the Ferguson black community and tell "one and all to respect a lawful grand jury finding." Instead these men used their power and "invited mayhem."
  • . . . that owners and operators of the town's shops have had their windows smashed, their stores looted and their merchandise destroyed and burnt. In fact, the majority of affected stores are black owned. Does saying this imply that black hoodlums would care more about black-owned establishments being protected?  Thugs are thugs. If it had been white-owned stores does that mean this hooliganism would be more readily accepted? Since when do we consider looters as having a sense of deportment? In fact, as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, "the first minute you break a window, you are put in handcuffs" whatever your race.
  • . . . that instead of viewing the looting and burning as shameful events, there are those who would claim that these frustrated young people have a right to destroy their neighborhood. In his 1997 book titled For Shame, author James B. Twitchell writes "[s]hame is the basis of individual responsibility and the beginnings of social conscience. It is where decency comes from." When will we begin to demand decency? When will this constructive type of shame become an integral part of people's upbringing in an effort to contribute to the higher social good? 
  • . . . that Obama and the outgoing attorney general, who has been held  in contempt by Congress, claim to care about race relations. In fact, their abiding agenda is ongoing chaos, destruction of capitalist endeavors and the accentuation of grievances with no legal basis; but, instead fomented by emotional appeals to the base instincts of people.
  • . . . that young black males running around and out of control sadly feed into a negative view about American blacks even though the vast majority of black people are law-abiding and peaceful.
  • . . . that the 44th president would cite Ferguson, Missouri at the United Nations General Assembly. This event discussed how to confront terror groups like ISIS, yet Obama would make these morally equivalent. To equate what happened in Ferguson with the malignant and heinous savagery of ISIS is repugnant and beyond rational comprehension. There is absolutely no connection whatsoever, but Obama decries America every chance he can. 
  • . . . that a community organizer, which is merely a euphemism for rabble rouser, is now the head of this country and never misses an opportunity to engage in hateful demagoguery.
  • . . . that in Ferguson "less than a quarter of young people have more than a high school education." Furthermore, in "the 50 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson... declared a 'war on poverty'... five decades later, national, state, and local officials believe the poverty line hasn't changed much since it was defined in 1963. Thus, the 'war on poverty' drags on in Missouri."
  • . . . that for far too long, blacks have supported Democrats but "things haven't improved for the black community since President Obama took office." So much so that "a coalition of some 20 black Democratic leaders held a news conference to endorse Republican Rep. Rick Stream." The midterm elections resulted in Missouri Democrats losing another seat in the House of Representatives.
  • . . . that even though "fast food jobs and similar low-paying work are often the only opportunities available," the hooligans have now destroyed these sources of income in their rioting and destruction. And this is supposed to help how, exactly?
  • . . . that Michael Brown felt he could rob and shove a convenience store clerk.
  • . . . that under Obama, the so-called Messiah, "...unemployment for African-Americans comes in at 18.1 percent. That’s nearly one-in-five blacks without jobs today." 
  • . . . that the actions of this president besmirch the true struggles of Civil Rights leaders such as Ralph Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality. Innis asserts that Obama "has been the most racially divisive, not just to blacks, but to browns, Latinos, to others, to Americans period, the most racially... divisive president that we have had since Woodrow Wilson re-segregated the federal offices across the country."
  • . . . that the President of the United States actually invites a lowlife like Al Sharpton to the White House and consults with him.
  • . . . that the term 'social justice" is bandied about as if it were some higher order of behavior, when in fact, "it is just a euphemism for 'tyranny.'"
  • . . . that Obama sees everything through the prism of racial identity and has, for example, aligned himself with the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People which seeks to impose slavery reparations.
  • . . . that this Missouri city is merely another launching pad for Obama's never-ending desire to see Americans pitted against one another via the backdrop of  victimization
  • . . . that American history is ignored or debased when it comes to the genuine strides that America has made concerning race relations. 
  • . . . that this administration keeps fueling rage instead of demanding accountability so able bodied young men are gainfully employed.
  • . . . that the media keeps getting away with misinforming and race baiting so that a local incident in a small town in America is front page news in the international media, thus, helping to further the Obama myth of rampant white on black racism in the United States.
  • . . . that Obama uses these incidents to cover up the many illegal and unconstitutional actions of his own administration. Thus, Fast and Furious gun running, IRS scandal, NSA snooping, Benghazi cover-up, and the latest unconstitutional act concerning illegal aliens are cast aside or forgotten altogether. This man's hypocrisy is breathtaking.
  • . . . that after watching how Obama operates these past years, one can almost predict his next shameless abuse of the law, as he demonstrates his utter disdain for America and her people. He is goading us; he is taunting us and we, the people, must not give him the satisfaction of splitting us apart.

Back in August of 2014, Thomas Sowell, asserted that "casting blame based on skin color should have ended with Jim Crow." Sowell highlighted that "politics are undermining law" and that "race is the wild card in all this." And yet, even the evidence, the facts, and the witnesses do not count with Weingarten and her ilk as she mindlessly and dangerously casts aspersions against the Grand Jury decision. As Sowell asks "if we can't be bothered to stop and think, instead of repeating pat phrases, don't expect to live under the rule of law. Do you prefer the rule of the media and the mob? Obama's and the left's manipulative and insidious appeals to emotional and prejudicial biases must be resisted. It is imperative to stay the course and remain committed to the rule of law, even while the leader of the free world and his cronies malign it for their own ulterior motives.

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