She Wore Pink Sneakers

This is a great week for moving-van operators in D.C. Hundreds of Democrat solons and their considerable staffs are going to find out if you really can go home again as they desperately, and probably futilely, scramble to find slots in lobbying firms and in what is ridiculously dubbed “public interest” outfits to stay here.

The AFL-CIO and Dem moneybags Tom Steyer collectively blew almost 100 million dollars trying to retain power for their pals .One wonders how much more they will feed into the maw of these losers. The tills of the countless Democratic tax-exempt front groups must be running low.

I didn’t have time to gloat, though. I had a date at the most popular watering hole on Capitol Hill, Boomerang -- The Arc of History, with a friend whose aim in life is to stamp out phrases like “make a difference”,  “raise awareness”, “speaking truth to power”, and “disenfranchised”. In other words, she’s not a Democrat.

I had just reached the door of Boomerang when my cell phone rang and my lunch date apologetically said she had to cancel. The Supreme Court had surprisingly announced that it had granted certiorari to hear the ObamaCare federal subsidy case and she had to cover that for her website. Of course, this is big news. It checkmates Senator Reid’s plan to prevent the court from hearing the matter by Court packing the D.C. Court of Appeals. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals had granted a re-hearing en banc of the Halbig case in which the D.C. Circuit struck down tax subsidies in federal-exchange states and dealt a major blow to the Affordable Care Act. If the Supreme Court had waited until the en banc ruling, which would likely on partisan grounds reverse the original Circuit decision, there’d likely have been no conflict of circuits, blocking SCOTUS consideration. The SCOTUS early grant, however -- before the Circuit Court rehearing when there still is a conflict between the Circuits -- wrecks that ploy. Unless it decides that federal laws are written on etch-a-sketch boards, which can be overwritten at whim by a president, the subsidies for non-state insureds (and ObamaCare itself) seem likely to be declared unlawful.

I explained to the hostess what had happened and she offered me a smaller table, which had just been vacated. As luck would have it I was seated next to a gal wearing pink sneakers and sporting both a Wendy Davis  “Post Birth Abortion – A  Womens Right to Choose” and a  Sandra Fluke  “I’m with Slut” button. Her companion, an epicene-looking guy with a “He for She” button appeared to be in mourning with her.

She sobbed. ”Christine (the former witch) O’Donnell outperformed Wendy at the polls!” she wailed.

“It wasn’t just her,” he replied in a vain effort to comfort her. “Mark Udall went down in flames, too. Even though he was lockstep with us and proud of it”

“Who didn’t lose?” she responded, wiping away at her tear stained face. “Republicans control most of the state legislatures, the House and Senate -- and it looks like even Begich and Landrieu will lose, meaning their numbers in the Senate are even greater than they are today.”

“Look what those racist, homophobic, patriarchic voters, elected,” she continued sputtering: “Senator Shelley Capito in West Virginia; Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa, Congresswomen Mia Love in Utah ,Barbara Comstock in Virginia, Elise Stefanik in N.Y. Governors Nikki Haley, Susanna Martinez, and Mary Fallin. On the state level Asian women Republicans are scoring well: Ling-Ling Chang; Young Lim for the state assembly, and state senator Janet Nguyen. Even an 18-year-old gal, Saira Blair, beat an old hand Democrat for Congress -- youngest Congresswoman ever elected. Those patriarchal, anti-fem gun clinging voters.”

"Did we lose the war on women?” she asked. “I mean who would consider these Black, Indian, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese, and white conservative women real women? They don’t support abortion under every circumstance, or  forcing nuns to pay for their employees'  contraceptives and abortifacients,  doing away with due process in college  sex assault trials, or providing free day care for working women.”

“Actually, “her companion offered up timidly, “I was wondering if that day-care plan wasn’t the greatest idea. Who was going to do all that day care and at what cost? I mean it did sound a bit classist, don’t you think?”

This seemed to set her back on her heels. “Well, I never thought of that. I mean when you consider every human being doing every kind of job with every level of skill and education should be paid a living wage, that could cost a lot. But, heck, if we can afford to pay for birth-control pills for everyone, why not day care, too?”

“Have you sent out any résumés, yet?” he asked. “I must have sent out a hundred. No one in the progressive organizations and socially responsible non-profits seem to be hiring right now. I still have to pay for my college loans.”

“Same here. When I majored at Bennington’s Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA). They said I would learn how ‘to put the world’s most pressing problems at the center of your education, or to incorporate these issues into your work in other disciplines. Poverty, war, the environment, public health crises, the struggle for democracy, even the state of education itself -- imagine an education where the problems of the world are your subject matter and doing something about them is your aim.’ How can I do that when no one will hire me? Maybe before he leaves office, the president will get the taxpayers to pay off our loans. I mean our motives were just the best.”

“Sure, I read that Google and super rich NRG, which invested in the Ivanpah solar energy generating plant, want taxpayers to give them a $539 million dollar grant to pay off the federal loan they got to build the plant. The plant should generate millions over the next 30 years, but taxpayers will receive none of that. If we can subsidize Ivanpah’s investors, we can sure afford to forgive college loans!”

“Yes, “she added, somewhat more lifted in spirit.

Just then the waiter came with the check.

“Let’s go dutch,” he said.

She wrinkled her nose, signifying  the idea was not to her liking but reached into her ObamaGirl backpack, pulled out her coexist wallet and calculator to figure out her share of the $20 tab.

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