Patient-Centered Medicine and the Struggle to Survive Obamacare

As we near some sort of attempt at compromise regarding the future of Obamacare, you will hear from health care workers that we need to bring the focus of medicine back on the patients.  The past few years, in which there has been a well-intentioned desire to control costs through bureaucratically oriented goals, the role of doctors and nurses has morphed away from patient care.  They have found that their role as “documenter of services rendered” through electronic medical records and coding for billing purposes has significantly taken away time spent with patients. While it is important and necessary to provide accurate records of just what is wrong with patients being cared for at the doctor’s office and the hospital, there are problems with using the most highly trained, time-constrained, and expensive elements of the health care equation as transcribers and secretaries.  On top of that, the ultimate endpoint of the bureaucratic goals desired by...(Read Full Article)