Obama and the GOP Should Learn the Lessons of the 1860s

President Barack Obama delivered a speech that has been widely characterized in the media as presenting a red cape to a charging bull.  His decision to extend executive action to offer a solution to America's complex illegal alien problem has been portrayed, variously, as an attempt to subvert Congress, to override the Constitution, to restore the imperial presidency, and/or to cynically grant amnesty to a new potential base of Democratic voters. It may be all of those things.  But both the president and the GOP would be well-advised to carefully navigate this fast moving river of American political rancor – now approaching full flood – and remember the lessons learned by their forbears in the mid-1860s. In 1865, President Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's successor, was faced with the vexing problem of how to deal with the reconstruction of the South and the rebuilding of the Union.  A Southerner himself (in fact,...(Read Full Article)